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Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 002Ijssportcentrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
18th July 2015
Dynamo Metalfest with Arch Enemy, Death Angel, Nuclear Assault, Biohazard, Alestorm, Orange Goblin, Bodyfarm, Facelifter

One day, one stage, eight metal bands and a few bars set the stage for this first (and completely SOLD OUT) edition of the new Dynamo Metalfest in Eindhoven. Some new, some old, some trash, death and Hardcore metal will serve the Dutch audience on this sunny summer day. With Swedish metal band ARCH ENEMY and trash metal monsters of DEATH ANGEL (US) the line-up is promising!

ImpressionDynamo Metalfest 2015 001

Because I was on weekend-mode and parking took a little longer than expected, I missed the opening band FACELIFTER. At first impression, the Eindhoven ice rink is a nice location (with free parking!) in the category semi-open air: the partial roof provides some shade for those who don’t want to be out in the sun all day. Second in the line-up is BODYFARM, a Dutch death metal band from Amersfoort.

ImpressionDynamo Metalfest 2015 003ImpressionDynamo Metalfest 2015 004ImpressionDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Bodyfarm (NL)

BODYFARM is a Dutch death metal band that was founded in 2009. The band draws its inspiration from bands like ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and OBITUARY. After their EP in 2010, BODYFARM’s debut album ‘Malevolence’ was released in 2012 via Cyclone Empire. Only a year after, the follow up album ‘The Coming Scourge’ was produced. Despite some changes in line-up, BODYFARM regularly hits European stages during the festival season such as Eindhoven Metal Meeting, ExtremeFest, Hell Inside, Mass Deathtruction, Neurotic Deathfest and Summerbreeze. BODYFARM is Quint Meerbeek (drums), Thomas Wouters (guitars/vocals), Alex Seegers (bass) and Bram Hilhorst (guitars). /

BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 001BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

Music & Performance
Not only do they present a proper dose of death metal, BODYFARM’s live performance is convincing and band members seemed to enjoy themselves as well. The strong vocals of front man Thomas, dazzling riffs from Bram all nicely blend in a wall of sound from the drums and bass provided by Alex and Quint. BODYFARM plays work from throughout their short discography with amongst others title track ‘Malevolence’ from their 2012 album, ‘The Dwell of Decay’ from ‘The coming Scourge’ from 2013 and ‘Slaves of War’ from their first EP.

Setlist (incomplete)
The Dwell of Decay
Slaves of War (EP)

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10

BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 006BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 007

BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 004BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 005BodyfarmDynamo Metalfest 2015 003

Orange Goblin (UK)

ORANGE GOBLIN are a stoner metal band from London, UK. The band was originally formed in 1995 under the name OUR HAUNTED KINGDOM. After their first three albums, ORANGE GOBLIN experimented a little bit with some punk influences before going back to their original stoner metal sound. After six studio albums, they signed with Candelight Records. Taking somewhat longer than originally planned, their 7th album ‘A Eulogy for the damned’ was released in 2012. ORANGE GOBLIN got back on track and last year they recorded and released their follow up album ‘Back from the Abyss’ which is described by the band as “The sound of ORANGE GOBLIN firing on all cylinders”. ORANGE GOBILIN is Ben Ward (vocals), Joe Hoare (guitar), Martyn Millard (bass) and Chris Turner (drums). /

Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 007Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 006

Music & Performance
A little break from death metal with stoner metal band ORANGE GOBLIN. Straight out: for me this was the best surprise of today’s festival. Right from the start frontman Ben and his friends get the party going with their stoner version of sleazy blues metal. With a dynamic live performance alternating between fast paced riffs (‘Red Tide Rising’) to parts with slow dragging blues (‘Saruman’s wish’) they seem to quickly gain the enthusiasm from the audience. ORANGE GOBLIN plays both old and new work with ‘Blue snow’ from their 1998 album as well as ‘Into the arms of Morpheus’ from their latest album ‘Back from the Abyss’ (2012). Great show!

Setlist (incomplete)
Blue snow
Red Tide Rising
Into the arms of Morpheus
Saruman’s Wish
Your world will hate this

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 002Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 001

Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 003Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 004Orange GoblinDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Alestorm (SCO)

ALESTORM is a heavy metal band from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a ‘pirate metal’ band by many critics and their fan base. Starting out under the name BATTLEHEART in 2004, they were signed by Napalm Records in 2007 and released their debut album ‘Captain Morgan’s Revenge’ in 2008. Their 4th studio album ‘Sunset on the golden age’ dates from 2014. ALESTORM is Christopher Bowes (vocals), Máté Bodor (guitar), Gareth Murdock (bass), Elliot Vernon (keyboards) and Peter Alcorn (drums). /

AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 001AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

Music & Performance
While ALESTORM describes their style as "True Scottish Pirate Metal", the Dynamo team climbs the stage in a pirate outfit to announce a dose of “joepiedepoepiemetal”. A loud “Aarrrrrrr” from the audience confirms ALESTORM’s live reputation. Their tales of mythological creatures, epic battles and pirate practicalities are poured into a blend of catchy folk and power metal. Right from the start, the audience is all in for a party: parrots, inflatable swords and hands with hooks (and drinks) are up in the air, crowd surfing is on and the front rows sing from the top of their lungs. To give you a more visual impression, at one point, singer Christopher notes “There is no stranger sight than a man in a one wheeled wheelchair crowd surfing”. Although not everybody enjoys this style of metal, there is no denying that the men of ALESTORM know how to get the crowd going!

AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 004AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 003

01. Walk the Plank 
02. The Sunk'n Norwegian 
03. Shipwrecked 
04. Magnetic North 
05. That Famous Ol' Spiced 
06. Nancy the Tavern Wench 
07. Keelhauled 
08. Rumpelkombo 
09. Mead From Hell 
10. Drink 
11. 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena) 
12. Captain Morgan's Revenge 
13. Rum

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.7 / 10

AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 005AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 007AlestormDynamo Metalfest 2015 006

Biohazard (US)

BIOHAZARD is an American heavy metal band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse Hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop. Over the years, BIOHAZARD has played countless (inter)national shows and festivals and gathered a solid fan base. As of 2015, the band released nine studio albums and two live albums, the latest being 'Reborn in Defiance’ from 2012. The band continued to perform live in Europe and North America throughout 2013 and into 2014. BIOHAZARD is Billy Graziadei (vocals / guitar), Bobby Hambel (guitar), Danny Schuler (drums), and Scott Roberts (guitar). /

BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 004BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Music & Performance
BIOHAZARD is an old school Hardcore punk / crossover trash metal band with a settled reputation in the scene. Since a couple of years they’re back on track rocking the international festival scene again. Age may have taken its toll, but not BIOHAZARD’s energy on stage. Frontman Billy uses the full stage and beyond, as he climbs down into the pit and even gets into the audience. BIOHAZARD literally stirred up some dust in front of the stage where a wild mosh pit got going. The men from Brooklyn, NY compiled a diverse set list from their considerable discography throughout the years. We get some classics such as ‘Urban discipline’ and some newer tunes with ‘Vengeance is mine’. BIOHAZARD grooves with a capital G – keep it going guys!

BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 006BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 007

01. Wrong Side of the Tracks 
02. Shades of Grey 
03. Urban Discipline 
04. Chamber Spins Three 
05. Tales from the Hard Side 
06. Down for Life 
07. How It Is 
08. Vengeance Is Mine 
09. Resist 
10. Love Denied 
11. We're Only Gonna Die (Bad Religion cover)
12. Victory 
13. Punishment 
14. Hold My Own 

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.7 / 10

BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 002BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 001BiohazardDynamo Metalfest 2015 003

Nuclear Assault (US)

NUCLEAR ASSAULT is an American thrash metal band from New York City, formed after bassist Dan Lilker left ANTHRAX in 1984. After releasing five full-length albums and extensive touring throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, NUCLEAR ASSAULT split up in 1995. They reunited in 1997, split up again and reunited again in 2002 until today. NUCLEAR ASSAULT has released six studio albums to date, the latest being ‘Third World Genocide’ in 2005. Their most successful records are ‘Survive’ (1988) and ‘Handle with Care’ (1989). NUCLEAR ASSAULT is John Connelly (guitar & lead vocals), Erik Burke (guitar & backing vocals), Dan Lilker (bass & vocals), and Glenn Evans (drums). /

NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 001NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

Music & Performance
I mostly remember an angry little man and two “pot smokin’ hippies” when I think of NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s performance. This old school trash metal band plays a packed aggressive set list that gets a moderate response from most of the audience. Their fast paced aggression did fully revive the mosh pit though and for some of the grey heads in the audience, this band obviously brings back good memories. To be honest, NUCLEAR ASSAULT is not on my personal favourites list and I am not familiar with their work, which made every song basically sound pretty much the same. The band has announced to be ready for their ‘Final Assault’ and to be honest – I wouldn’t mind.

NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 006NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 007

01. Rise from the Ashes 
02. Brainwashed 
03. (new song)
04. Critical Mass 
05. Game Over 
06. Sin 
07. Betrayal 
08. Analogue Man in a Digital World  
09. Died in Your Arms 
10. Wake Up 
11. When Freedom Dies 
12. My America 
13. Hang the Pope 
14. Lesbians 
15. Trail of Tears 
16. Technology

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 6 / 10

NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 003NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 004NuclearAssaultDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Death Angel (US)

DEATH ANGEL is a thrash metal band from Concord, California, initially active from 1982 to 1991 and again since 2001. DEATH ANGEL has released seven studio albums, two demo tapes, one box set and two live albums. The band released their 7th studio album ‘The dream calls for blood’ in 2013, soon to be followed by a documentary DVD ‘A Trashumentary’ and live album ‘The bay calls for blood – live in San Francisco’ in July 2015. This fall, they will hit the studios again for their new album which is expected in April 2016. Death Angel is Rob Cavestany (guitars), Mark Osegueda (vocals), Ted Aguilar (guitars), Damien Sisson (bass guitar) and Will Carroll (drums). /

Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 006Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 007

Music & Performance
Time flies when you’re having a good time, and we’re already down to the last two bands of this successful edition of Dynamo Metalfest. As usual the best is saved for last! DEATH ANGEL kicks off with the familiar sound of ‘Left for dead’, the first song from their 2013 album ‘The Dream Calls for Blood’. Those in the audience that slipped into a sun & beer afternoon dip for sure are wide awake again! Fast, loud and energetic, Mark and his team put up a solid show – I don’t think these guys are ever in a bad mood. The band also expresses some warm feelings for the Netherlands and especially the Eindhoven metal scene – calling it their ‘home away from home’. DA plays most songs from ‘The Dream calls for Blood’, but their older work is certainly not forgotten with oldies such as ‘mistress of pain’ from their 1987 album ‘The Ultra Violence’ and a couple of songs from the follow up album in 1988.

Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 001Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

In between brutal riffs and powerful vocals (with a sip of Bombay sapphire gin), Mark, Ted, Damien and Rob interact a lot with the audience, making their live performance a team effort with the crowd. Can’t wait till the new album comes out!

01. Left for Dead 
02. Son of the Morning 
03. Claws in So Deep 
04. Fallen 
05. Buried Alive 
06. Evil Priest 
07. Succubus 
08. Execution - Don't Save Me 
09. Truce 
10. 3rd Floor 
11. Seemingly Endless Time 
12. The Dream Calls for Blood 
13. Caster of Shame 
14. Bored 
15. Mistress of Pain 
16. Thrown To The Wolves 

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 003Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 004Death AngelDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Arch Enemy (US)

ARCH ENEMY is Swedish melodic death metal band from Halmstad, Sweden. The band was founded in 1996 by CARCASS guitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva, both originally from the influential death metal band CARNAGE. The band was first fronted by Johan Liiva, who was replaced by Angela Gossow as lead vocalist in 2000, and with Gossow stepping down in March 2014 and being replaced by Canadian singer Alissa White-Gluz, formerly lead singer for THE AGONIST. Gossow remains connected to the band though in the role of manager. ARCH ENEMY has released nine studio albums, a live album (Burning Japan Live 1999), two DVDs and three EPs. With the replacement of Gossow, a new album was announced as well. The album ‘War Eternal’ was released in 2014. ARCH ENEMY is Alissa White-Gluz (vocals), Michael Amott (guitars), Jeff Loomis (guitars), Sharlee D'Angelo (bass) and Daniel Erlandsson (drums). /

Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 001Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

Music & Performance
After DEATH ANGEL, the answer to the question who’s going to use those pyros that were set up was finally clear: ARCH ENEMY. The succession of Angela Gossow by Alissa White-Gluz seemed to have minimal impact on the bands reputation and may have even boosted their image as a leading band in the scene. With dimmed lights we hear the familiar tunes of their intro ‘Khaos Overture’ before Alissa, Michael, Jeff, Charlee and Daniel hit the stage. As can be expected of a headliner, ARCH ENEMY brings a solid well-orchestrated show that doesn’t leave much room for improvisation or a little chaos (something I do appreciate very much in a live show). A charismatic singer, a strong band, some fire and an already happy crowd are the perfect ingredients for a worthy closure of the new Dynamo Metalfest!

Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 006Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 007

01. Intro: Khaos Overture 
02. Yesterday Is Dead and Gone 
03. Burning Angel 
04. War Eternal 
05. Ravenous 
06. Stolen Life 
07. You Will Know My Name 
08. My Apocalypse 
09. As the Pages Burn 
10. Dead Eyes See No Future 
11. Avalanche 
12. No Gods, No Masters 
13. We Will Rise 
14. Snow Bound 
15. Nemesis 
16. Outro: Fields of Desolation 

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.5 / 10

Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 004Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 003Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 005

Arch EnemyDynamo Metalfest 2015 008

All in all a perfect start for Dynamo Metalfest! Great bands, great weather and location. Although sold out it was still easy to move around – much appreciated. As always, there are things that could use some improvement such as the long queues for the restrooms and tokens. Fortunately, the organization already picked up on that and posted a message on their FB page. Even better: next year’s edition of the festival is already announced for 16th July 2016 with SACRED REICH as first band in the line-up – see you next year Dynamo!

ImpressionDynamo Metalfest 2015 002

All pictures by Ruth Mampuys (

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