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De Waerdse Tempel, Heerugowaard, The Netherlands
013, Tilburg, The Netherlands 
10th/11th March 2007
Kreator, Celtic Frost, Legion of the Damned, Watain

A faster heartbeat, a boost of energy, and don’t forget the adrenaline: no doubt that Kreator is back on European ground. There is no band who makes from aggression such a positive vibe. After two years of touring around the world, the thrashers are back. This time with a co-headliner tour with Celtic Frost. When that is not memorable enough, Kreator also recorded a new live dvd from those gigs.


Coming from the French label ‘Season Of Mist’ the black metal band Watain guarantees a typical own sound. They supported bands like Dissection, Dark Funeral and Rotting Christ in the past. Also they have something in common with those pioneers in the black metal scene. Watain is always looking to break with their borders and over the years they became more and more melodic.
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Their sound is not easy to discribe, especially when you hear them on stage. As a support act you don’t have all the facilities and very melodic black metal is hard to get balanced. Fans will recognize the songs easily, but still there are differences between the quality on their last album and the sound they produce on stage. Both days their sound is not very accessible for those who are not familiar with them. You have to be in a dark mood to be open for it. Many songs from their last record ‘Sworn To The Dark (2007)‘ are played. In compare with their older material you definitely hear that the band is growing into a more melodic sound. The guitar lines are more clean, the song structure is more open and still keep the heavy drum sound. On stage the voice from ‘E’ is raw, dynamic and keeping the attention. In a time where blackmetal became a more commercialized scene Watain managed to stay truth to the underground sound from the ’80. That mixed with new elements makes this band interesting and fresh to listen at. This tour will opens doors to a more higher and professional level. It wouldn’t be a big surprise when we see them back on some festivals this year. It is definitely worth to check them out than.


As is normal in the black metal scene, all the members are dressed-up with spikes, leather and corpse-paint on their faces. Hard to recognize, but all with their own identity. Often you get the image of a non-adult musician. With Watain it is different, they act very seriously and with a devotion what reflect on the audience as well. In the front many fans are there to support them. When they play the end of their set, the people in the back are also more convinced. If you like it our not, this band can play some dark metal. They have the quality to create a good show. Sometimes a bit  too raw in their sound, but they are natural on stage. That is very important to grow further and to impress new people. The guitarist and the bass player are both moving a lot and frontman ‘E’ creates a dark atmosphere. With candles, a pale face and a voice what screams and makes you shiver. Both days the audience enjoys it and that is quite a honour for the opener of the package.
Music: 6.6
Performance: 6.7
Sound: 5.4
Light: 6.3
Total: 6

The Legion Of The Damned

Sometimes it is hard to follow a band truth the years. To make it difficult: The Legion Of The Damned isn’t that new as people may think at first sight. The band was in the past well-known as ‘Occult’ but decided to change their name in 2005. Their last two releases are well received all over the world. The big question is if this also was happened when they were still ‘Occult.’ That’s a thing we never know, but The Netherlands can be proud with this representation.

With their last album ‘Sons Of The Jackal’ the band came with even a more ‘smack-into-your-face’ sound then before. Faster, more complex and still with that typical sound of them. TLOTD brings you what you want and expect to hear. Nothing less and nothing more. They bring a strong sound full of up-tempo guitar lines, dynamic drums and a low and solid bass sound. Sometimes you wish it was less perfect, because that would make it more alive. The weakest point is the vocal lines. Monotome is the good word for it: no emotions, hardly no changes in the power and no screams: a technical quality grunter. That is not a real negative point, although during a live show it gets less dynamic after a while. Even when it is perfect, sometimes you have to step back to make more exciting. It is a paradox: be less perfect and you stay interesting. Maybe it has to deal with the fact that there is less attention for making contact with the audience. With the diversity in the setlist TLOD brought a real high quality classical metal sound and that is a relief in a world where metal gets more catchy and mixed with other elements.

When the sound is too perfect - unless not dynamic enough to create something special- than you need to focus more on the performance. Unfortunately the first day in Heerugowaard the band is not that motivated it seems. It is a bit automatic. A grunting frontman standing there: walking around, waving with his hair and being very metal. Same counts for the gentlemen beside him, but they have some more action with ‘help’ from their instruments. Shame that the face of the drum player is covered in the shadows too much; it seems he played a very intense show in the back. The second gig was almost the same, with the difference that the lightshow was more minimalistic and that they showed a bit more energy. In general both shows were the same. The vocalist is headbanging a lot with his blond hair and the other members are quite peaceful on stage. Nothing what grabs the attention when the music is emotionless, or unless a bit less dynamic. TLOTD brings quality, but fails in translating the emotions. Shame because it could be so much more when it was more complete in those little details. Their sound is perfect, but now the show need some reflection of their devotion, and even aggression or hate. Because that is metal also: the emotions need to be there as well.
Music: 7.8
Performance: 5.6
Sound: 7.5
Light: 6.5
Total: 7

Celtic Frost

When you weren’t there in the ’80 or the other highlights of Celtic Frost:it is hard to get a fair opinion about them. The band came from the same roots like Kreator and other bands in the much smaller metal scene at that time. Both bands found their own way and are well respected over the years. Again they are writing history with their last releases and with this new tour they make sure that they are still belong on the top of the metal scene nowadays.
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Coming from Swiss and American ground, having influences from the old Pantera, Sepultura and Paradise Lost: you can imagine that Celtic Frost has not a very easy sound. Especially their last record ‘Monotheist’(2006) is slower and more doom metal than the older classical albums like ‘Morbid Tales’ (1985). Tom and Martin are still the face of the band and in a very convincing way. Their setlist is a good representation from their history: an excellent introduction for a younger generation and for the real fans the prove that Celtic Frost isn’t changed that much. The band still can grabs you with their dark, melodic feeling. The strength is always been the minimalistic sound from all the instruments and on the other hand the intensity and originality of the melodies. 

A dark slow intro suggests a very slow doomy show, but it is different. The first day in Heerugowaard the high-quality lightshow brings the atmosphere also: with blue and white spots. Tom Fischer (guitar and vocals) steps forward and will not leave the stage for more than an hour. On his side a new face: guitarist V Santura from Dark Fortress.  His sound is clean and gives an extra dimension to the songs. The first day the guitar-bass sound is a bit overdone and hard to separate. Also counts that  when you play in such a high venue where people need to fill up the floor to get a good sound. The day after in 013 their sound is better and finally better to separate. Also the atmosphere is much better that day. More people seems to be open for their dark, emotional and intense sound. The contrast between the audience makes that both days are different like day and night.

The gig from the first day is not that bad either, but less convincing and dynamic. You see that on the faces of the artists and also you hear it in their sound. Sometimes a solo is well played but not with the passion and devotion it can be. During the gig in 013 you see more interaction between all the members: the set is played much easier and with such an energy that they are tired during their last song of the night. Personally the drums could be more convincing sometimes: Franco has a very minimalistic style, but when the guitars are too heavy you are not focused on him anymore. ‘Into The Crypts Of Rays’ brings the fire back in the show and there is a lot of interaction with the audience. Sometimes the voice from Tom isn’t that strong, but together with Martin it is unique and also the spoken parts are a part of the meaning of Celtic Frost: to bring you a dark and unique sound. All together their sound is still very special and I am sure that they touched the whole audience with their show. Even for a much younger generation the band managed to represent an own and very unique sound. What’s rare nowadays where the metal scene is full of copies from each other: to say it black and white. All the men have a total control over their instruments: you hear that they know what they can and make it convincing and strong. 


You can say what you want about this band: like it or not, but Celtic Frost still brings quality and passion on stage. Sometimes Tom sounds a bit automatic and less inspired, but with Martin on his side it is soon forgotten. Franco still has a lot of energy in the back and with V Santana they found a perfect live guitarist: he is there on the good moments, a bit shy it seems, but with a strength in his solo parts that fits very well into the sound of the band. It speaks for itself that many people had a reaction like: ‘I know this melody, but I didn’t know it came from them.’ Many songs on their setlist are classical and with a reason, even nowadays people get touched and stays in their mind. All together a memorable tour.

As a band you need to be strong and convincing the first second from the start of the show: when the tone is set and the atmosphere is there, you have won the game already. Celtic Frost knows this as no other. That is why they kick off with their most classical sing-along- song ‘Procreation Of The Wicked.’ The first day it doesn’t come as natural, but the band also had a long intensive show in Antwerp the day before. With black-painted eyes and totally dressed in black Tom scares you also a bit. With his deep and passionate voice he immediately has the attention from the whole venue. The same happens during the gig in 013. So natural and simple it can be: just stand there, bring the song the people want to hear in a high quality level. On his side stands bass player and vocalist Martin Ain. He is in many ways the opposite from Tom. He is more aware of the audience, more emotional and more varied in his performance and sound. With his black dress and long curly hair he naturally gets the attention. 

The atmosphere in Heerugowaard is a bit cold, maybe because the huge venue isn’t packed. The whole band has difficulties to focus on the show, but halfway  the set their energy and spirit is back. Songs as ‘Dawn Of Meggido’ are more intense and darker when you see the show around it. That counts for many songs and with their show in 013 the day after it, they convince me more. There is a certain trance and devotion to translate their feelings and intensity. All in a very minimalistic way: just some extra words, movements and eye-contact with each other and the audience. The crowd loves it already when they hear all those classical songs after such a long time, but they get excited when you see a band who’s still on the top of their career. Celtic Frost is very much alive with all the spirit and quality they got.

01. Totengott (intro)                          
02. Procreation (Of The Wicked) (Morbid Tales, 1984)
03. Visions Of Mortality (Morbid Tales, 1984)
04. Circle Of The Tyrants (Morbid Tales, 1984)
05. The Usurper (To Mega Therion, 1985)
06. Ain Elohim (Monotheist, 2006)
07. Necromantical Screams (To Mega Therion, 1985)
08. Dawn Of Meggido (To Mega Therion, 1985)
09. Mesmerized (Into The Pandemonium, 1987)
10. Sorrows Of The Moon (Into The Pandemonium, 1987)
11. Dethroned Emperor (Morbid Tales, 1984)
12. Morbid Tales (Morbid Tales, 1984)
13. Into The Crypts Of Rays (Morbid Tales, 1984)
14. Synagoga Satanae (Monotheist, 2006)
Music: 8.5
Performance: 7.7
Sound: 7.8
Light: 7.5
Total: 8


They came from the underground back in the ’80, struggled and found their way. Nowadays they are one of the most respectful bands in the metal scene. They still see their fanbase growing all over the world, made songs people won’t forget and still have the devotion to move on. With an amazing energy they toured around the world almost non stop the last few years. Now they are back and with a new and refreshing show. If you like it or not, there are not so many bands who can do what Kreator still does after all those years: having the spirit to develop yourself and do what you want to do: share your passion on stage.
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The audience needs to be a bit more patient: Kreator needs time to transform the stage: a new special lightshow, huge side- and backdrops and even a video screen are a part of the new special tour. The first night in Heerugowaard there is also a dvd-crew to record the show. All together everything needs to be perfect: the venue looks very professional and with all the technical things on stage you already get excited. After ‘Personal Jesus’ the darkness disappears and the band enters the stage: ready to kick off with there well-known and very energetic ‘Violent Revolution.’ The crowd in Heerugowaard starts to move and soon enough a moshpit is there. Vocalist and guitarist Mille is still angry and knows how to transform the emotions of the songs into a very dynamic show. During the years his voice is more raw and because of that even more convincing. With his long dark hair and his typical movements on stage he knows how to keep the attention. With Sami Yli-Sirniö on his side, the guitar solos are whipping and makes the adrenaline grow. 
Bass player Christian is moving a lot on his side of the stage: headbanging, walking around and having his great moment during the intro from ‘Voices Of The Death.’ A special song were Mille talks and whisper before he screams it out. It is moment of rest during the up-tempo show. 

This is a time travel truth the years of Kreator with all the highlights and classical songs in it. Some people will miss ‘Under The Guillotine’ but with the medley of some very old songs Kreator shows their creativity and originality.  Songs like ‘Europe After The Rain’ and ‘Renewal’ are making this tour very special. Kreator is the only band who can translate an aggressive feeling into a very positive vibe. You only will understand that when you have seen them. During their concert on the Wacken festival 2005 I thought it couldn’t be better: the band gave all their energy and devotion to the songs. In 013 they managed to do that again.

To put it all on a higher level. Not only because they can play it technically perfect and translate their emotions. More than before Kreator has the passion and gift to make it feel into your bones. To be overwhelming in their sound. The clean guitar parts from Sami, the detailed bass sound from Christian, the dynamic and full force drums of Jurgen and above all  Mille who screams it out with all the hate and aggression in his blood. All together those men are given everything for their music. A little shy smile from Sami, Christian who makes contact with the audience and Jurgen alone in the back: they all enjoy it in their very own way. 

Mille doesn’t smile that often on stage, but it happens in a very rare moment. He walks to the microphone in Tilburg, but can’t start his song because the audience is screaming to him and give him a warm welcome. A smile breaks the façade he has on stage and with more energy he begins. That is the beginning of a very special set: the interaction between the excited crowd and the band who needs that energy to put it all on a higher level.

That is why Kreator still is so popular truth the years: they are honest and show that they still like it. When the band returns for the encore all the three songs are given with such an energy that it is hard to believe that they just played for more than an hour. Sweaty, satisfied and with a good feeling the band knows that they are still overwhelming and going strong.

A huge backdrop with the ‘Enemy Of God’ cover in the back, a grey skull is watching over the crowd. On both sides of the stage grey backdrops are creating a morbid atmosphere with surrealistic people on it. It makes the knowledge stronger that Kreator is still challenging themselves and are willing to add new elements in their show. This tour there is even more to focus on besides the normal band. The special lightshow with many colours and positions make the entire gig very professional and becomes a part in the translation of the songs.

The video screen is a new extra element. During the show images are mixed with the history of the band. Video clips are added, even the new one from ‘People Of The Lie.’ It has a more intense impact on the crowd. During songs like ‘Enemy Of God’ you understand the madness even more, the power and the hate. You see the development from the band. 

‘Betrayer’ is an old and traditional song, but with the new images from live shows and videos from that time: the history is alive again. Kreator brings an ode to their past and in a way it is a thank word to the fans. The whole band has a structure during the songs: Sami or Christian are switching positions and during the solos there is attention for the member who deserves it. It is good to see that these men have played many shows together. Smoothly all the songs are played and all with the same good quality. Without getting automatic, because everyone enjoys it and try to make it as best as they can. Mille is the charismatic frontman who add more emotions to the song. With hand movements he describes the words and pays more attention to the message. When he asks for a typical Dutch metal pit, the crowd need no further encouragement. The real fan appreciate the mixture of the songs and also the more recent fans understand why those songs are so special: the melody speaks for it selves.

Kreator is pure in what they do and doesn’t need a huge performance to make that clear. With this well balanced and special tour they put themselves on the top of the metal scene again. If you like their sound or not, you have to feel respect for them: for the strength and energy they still have after all those years. When the stage is dark again and the people leave the venue you still have the adrenaline in your blood. After a week or so it will disappear, but as soon as you will hear them again it will return. That is the strength of Kreator and that will always be the extra dimension of this very special and unique band.

01. The Patriarch  (Violent Revolution, 2001)
02. Violent Revolution (Violent Revolution, 2001)
03. Pleasure To Kill (Pleasure To Kill, 1985)
04. Some Pain Will Last (Extreme Aggression, 1989)
05. Enemy Of God (Enemy Of God, 2005)
06. People Of The Lie (Coma Of The Souls, 1990)
07. Europe After The Rain (Renewal, 1992)
08. Suicide Terrorist (Enemy Of God, 2005)
09. Awakening of the Gods (Terrible Certainty, 1985)
10. Behind the Mirror ( Medley )      
11. Renewal (Renewal, 1992)
12. Extreme Aggression (Extreme Aggression, 1989)
13. Phobia (Outcast, 1997)
14. Betrayer (Extreme Aggression, 1989)
15. Voices Of The Dead (Enemy Of God, 2005)
16. Reconquering The Throne (Violent Revolution, 2001)
17. Impossible Brutality (Enemy Of God, 2005)
18. Flag Of Hate (Pleasure To Kill, 1985)
19. Tormentor (Endless Pain, 1985)
Music: 9.8
Performance: 9.0
Sound: 8.7
Light: 9.0
Total: 9.5

All photos were taken at De Waerdse Tempel

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