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konnikass hamburg20180922917xfm Studiobühne, Hamburg, Germany
22nd September 2018
Konni Kass

The Nordic countries are rich on amazing talented musicians. Last year I had the chance to see one of my favourite singers EIVØR from the Faroe Islands in Hamburg for another time and she brought as support KONNI KASS with her on tour. The young singer with a heavenly soft and emotional voice totally fascinated me during the short support slot. So I was happy to see her and finally also her bandmates in September last year on their own tour. This time she had several gigs during the legendary indie Reeperbahn-Festival with its very own atmosphere. Trying to describe the kind of music that is created by KONNI KASS might include this: electronic, jazzy, indie and Nordic folk music.

Music & Performance
The set at the 917Xfm Studiobühne war a small minimalistic gig that went live on the radio at the same time in a very personal atmosphere with just about 20 - 30 people in a small event room which made it very special. Konni and her bandmate Per appeared on stage for a very minimalistic, intense set. The setlist started with the beautiful hymn ‘Surrender’, full emotions, voluminous voice and clear sound, ending with an amazing saxophone solo. But the setlist was also full of surprises containing three new songs. The story about one of them - ‘Circles’ - was absolutely lovely. As the song was recorded in a small studio next to the producers tiny house at the sea (you could literally see everyone dream themselves away while Konni was telling the story), in an area with many sheep around, you could literally hear the sheep on the record. As Konni said, they even left some of them on the final record of the song with a bit of 80ies sound.

The song ‘Rain’ was introduced as a hymn to the Faroe Islands that are famous for much rain which led to some people giggling on their chairs as she said it in Hamburg, the city that is also famous for having many rainy days and actually we just “welcomed” stormy, rainy autumn back just a day before. The set ended with the timeless song called ‘Time’. You just need to listen to it on your own. It’s a song to dream yourself far away. Right after the concert a friend who joined me also said how great it is that the voice of KONNI KASS is even more amazing and powerful while being soft and absolutely clear during a live performance. One thing that makes the shows of KONNI KASS so special is that the is telling a short or a bit longer story about many of her songs, something that made the song or the creating process special or inspiration that led to creating the song. By doing this she creates a very special soft bond between the band, the song and the listener and that makes every single song very intense and personal to everyone in the venue.

01. Surrender
02. I Was Saying (new)
03. Rain
04. Boy (new)
05. Circles (new)
06. Time

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Light: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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