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Podium Willie, Deventer, The Netherlands
23th of June 2007
Next Waste Dimension, Portall, Izegrim

Next Waste Dimension presents today their new album Rewire reality. Next Waste Dimension is a mix between metal, dance and industrial. There two support acts in name of Izegrim and Portall this evening. Next Waste Dimension signed by record company Under Her Black Wings (Freebird), the same record company as Portall. It was a special show with video-art on a big screen.


Izegrim is formed in the summer of 1996. It's a trash metal band from Zutphen with two female long hair grunters on stage.  They opened this evening.

The sound at the hall was not very good, it’s was a little bit loud. The mix was good. The music sounds great, nice guitar riffs. The grunts from Kristien were very powerful and energetic. You can’t hear the backing vocals and bass from Marlous very well, that’s a pity. The drums were also good but they had some problems with the drum kit at the beginning.


The headbanging ladies with very long hair were great! Nice to see that! The interaction with the audience was okay, but it can better. The stage was a small, but it doesn’t matter! They played all wireless. They had a beamer background and they projected the logo on the wall. The lights were very bad this evening.


Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 6.5


The winner of metalbattle 2005, Portall is also support act this evening. The're comming from Elburg and are also friends of Next Waste Dimension.


This time was the sound in the hall better and also the mix. The music is great to hear, it’s very impressive every show again. The grunts from Rutger were impressive. The guitar riffs and bass riffs were nice and different.

Rutger is a great performer, the interaction with the audience is very good. He’s very energetic and powerful at the stage, a real entertainer! It’s a pity that the other band members are more at the background. The show was nice to see. The lights were also very bad.

Music: 7.5
Performance: 7.5
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7

Next Waste Dimension

Blending heavy guitars with modern dance. Only few bands dare to do it, even fewer are able to make it work. With REWIRE REALITY Next Waste Dimension (NWD) prove they can pull it off. And how! On this debut NWD shows how to perfectly blend metal, dance and industrial in a way it sounds both natural and refreshing. With REWIRE REALITY Under Her Black Wings releases one of the most surprising albums of 2007. This much anticipated debut is packed with ingenious bass lines, crushing riffs, tight drums and a variety of synth parts that define the autonomy and creativity of the band. What really sets NWD apart from others is their ability to mix metal with trance, techno and industrial while always keeping the focus on writing genuine songs.


The sound and mix were better than the other bands. The music is really funky and heavy. The mix dance and metal is live also great! The bass riffs are very impressive, Niels is very good on the bass. His brother Rikkert is very energetic on the guitar and on the vocals/grunts. Jorik behind his drum kit was very fast and powerful. The new band member Jeroen is on stage busy with the video art and his laptop witch is very impressive.

The show is complete including the video art on the beamer! Really weird to see psychedelic videos on the background at a metal concert. Rikkert jumps around at the stage and talk a lot to the audience. He asked us to put our dance shoes on all the time. The interaction was great! It’s a pity that Jeroen is standing on the back too much. Niels looks sometime to the videos on the wall, funny to see that. Also this time were the lights very bad. This release party was just great!


01. Opaque
02. Distorted
03. Dead Soil
04. 1st encounter
05. Nervewrecker
06. Technofobia
07. Stamina
08. The Forgotten
09. I Am Energy
10. No Good (Prodigy cover)
11. Zephyr
12. Force Fed Greed

Music: 8.5
Performance: 8
Sound: 7.5
Light: 6
Total: 7.5


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