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theoreillysandthepaddyhats instrangewaters
Artist: The O’Reillys & the Paddyhats
Title: In Strange Waters
Genre: Irish Folk / Rock / Punk
Release Date: 22nd October 2021
Label: Metalville

Album Review

It’s Irish Folk-Punk! Woohooo! Let’s absolutely not in any way present and presume any cultural stereotypes here! The market for this soulless drivel seems as bottomless as the well from which the clichés just keep on coming, bucket after bucket of it, the rank stench of stale beer and half-arsed party-tunes dripping like a tap that can’t be fixed. Someone make it stop. Please.

Let’s do a brief analysis. First, this is music to go and listen to live, with your drunken friends, at a festival. Your boundless energy and alcohol-fuelled good mood will allow you to think all is right in the world and these are the best songs ever written. Nothing at all wrong with that. But listen to it at home, in the car, walking the cat… that kind of thing. And the absolute blandness of it becomes glaringly obvious. There’s neither spark nor spirit in the soggy fart of ‘Barrels Of Whisky’ - it’s a romp through every known Irish theme pub in Europe, just before some misty eyed old guy demands ‘Danny Boy’ while waving around a stick he usually beats the dog with.

‘Fair Old Lady’ oozes a kind of fake sentimentality found normally in Werthers original ads, and ‘Irish Way’ is so bad you have to believe it’s deliberate. Inexplicably DORO gets wheeled out to lend a hand on ‘We All Know’. If THE LEVELLERS did Metal it couldn’t be any more horrific. Unlike MEATLOAF and CHER (the only comparison that springs to mind), the marriage of unlikely elements in this just absolutely don’t come together. Excruciating. And just to leave you in true agony, there’s the obligatory rebel redemption song tacked on the end - oh fuck off now. Despite its promise that our hero will not fight any more for freedom (no, he’ll just sing endlessly about it) this kind of sinister bilge has absolutely no place anywhere any more, if it ever did.

Save the money you would spend buying this or seeing them live, and instead go to Ireland, and discover the rich, varied, beautiful history, landscape and people for yourself. I doubt anyone would like their home country reduced to a caricature. The Irish are not a nation of pissed, politically fired-up dew-eyed redheads singing about their mothers or the love they lost. And they don’t listen to crap like this either. Wooohooo!


01. Barrels Of Whisky
02. Fair Old Lady
03. Ferryman
04. Light Up (new song)
05. Irish Way
06. Green Blood
07. Dogs On The Leash
08. We All Know (feat Doro Pesch)
09. Beautiful Fear
10. Yesterday’s Rebel


Sean O’Reilly
Dwight O’Reilly
Connor O’Sullivan
Tom O’Shaughnessy
Jones Murphy
Mia Callaghan
Ian McFlannigan

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theoreillysandthepaddyhats instrangewaters


Music: 2
Sound: 2
Total: 2 / 10

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