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Artist: Knife
Title: Knife
Genre: Black Thrash’n’Roll
Release Date: 22nd October 2021
Label: Dying Victims Records

Album Review

KNIFE is a German Band that plays a wild and furious mix of Speed Metal, Black Metal and Punk with some moments of old-school Heavy Metal that serve as some kind of musical antishock pad that gives you a few seconds to catch your breath. The velocity and raw power that is felt and heard in every second of ‘Knife’ is awe-inspiring and thirst inducing at the same time, if you can listen top KNIFE and tracks like ‘Demon Wind’ without wanting to get smashed you might not have any live left inside you. Aside from tempo and vocals some of these songs could suit bands like MANOWAR or even W.A.S.P. Ok, sure some songs are cheesy as fuck but it is that kinda cliché stuff you do love and worship when nobody looks.

Songs like ‘White Witch - Black Death’ and ‘Black Leather Hounds’ take those things and combine them to increase their power and it works! When listening to KNIFE you have to wonder if Laz really is the only one playing guitar and the mind-boggling answer is yes, there is only one shredder in this band. Aside from just playing fast as fuck most of the time there is another figurehead of KNIFE and that is Vince Nihil, the vocalist. Vince screams and screeches his way through the songs, dropping posers left and right in the 36 minutes and 38 seconds of this blast of a record. This band leaves only scorched earth after under an hour, I barely made it out alive but after licking my wounds I will prepare for another round of KNIFE...


01. Behold The Horse Of War
02. Inside The Electric Church
03. White Witch - Black Death
04. Black Leather Hounds
05. Knife
06. I Am The Priest
07. The Furnace
08. Sword Loser
09. Demon Wind
10. The Hallowed Chamber Of Storms
11. 1989
12. Possessed


Ferli Thielmann – Drums
Laz – Guitars
Vince Nihil – Vocals
Gypsy Danger – Bass

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knife st


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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