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Title: Sworn to the Elders
Artist: Nydvind
Genre: Pagan Metal
Release Date: 29th January 2010
Label: Trollzorn

Album Review

After a long phase of creation, the French NYDVIND are about to release their second record, after ten years of existence and the debut record ‘Eternal Winter Domain’. ‘Sworn to the Elders’ opens up with the atmospheric, dark intro ‘Gates to distant past’ preparing the listener for an epic creation of pagan metal. ‘Son of fire’ commences with a heavy yet technical movement and soon the setting in vocals are underlined by a male-voice choir. Richard’s vocals vary from rather clean to growled. Also the speed during this song varies from slow to really fast. Surely a suitably chosen opener, pointing out NYDVIND’s trademarks and qualities: creating heaviness and atmosphere at the same time whilst also adding a special feeling.

The third song, ‘To enter the realm of the ravenlord’ kicks off somehow in a black metal-orientated manner and an absorbing theme. Again, the male-voice choir appears which remains fittingly arranged throughout the whole album: not seeming too obtrusive, but adding an important facet to the whole atmosphere. Furthermore, NYDVIND manage to create multi-layered songs, which hardly emerge predictably or boring and also possess a certain uniqueness as well as epic melodies. NYDVIND do not wish to break any records in speed or heaviness, rather they concentrated on creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art, which also enforces one’s claims to listen carefully and considerate. All in all, NYDVIND managed to bring into being a felicitous record, which is highly recommendable for every open-minded lover of music as well as for followers of heavy or pagan music.


01. Gates to distant past
02. Son of fire
03. To enter the realm of the ravenlord
04. Sworn to the elders
05. Upon the throne of north
06. Nordic dawn
07. Icewinds unleashed
08. The godless


Richard Loudin - Vocals, Guitar, Effects
Nesh - Bass Guitar
Eric Tarbourier - Drums


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Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10


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