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Title: Fears
Artist: Lord of the Lost
Genre: Gothic / Metal / Alternative
Release Date: 19th February 2010
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

LORD OF THE LOST was formed in 2008 by Chris Harms (vocals, guitar), Sebsta (guitar), Sensai (guitar), Class (bass) and Any on drums. The band spent most of 2008 in the studio working on their debut album ‘Fears’ that was released together with a new video for the song ‘Last Words’ the 19th of February.

The album starts with ‘Last Words’ which is from what I understand to become the second single from the album, it’s powerful and intense and I am looking forward to see the video for it. ‘Break Your Heart’ was an instant favourite from the first time I heard it, I honestly had some trouble with continuing to listen to the record and not just keep hitting repeat on this one. So what is it with this song that made me this impressed? Simply brilliant music as well as lyrics with a chorus that easily get stuck on your mind “You must break your heart and lay it in my hands, because I will break your heart, don’t you understand”

‘Dry the Rain’ is the first single from the album ‘Fears’. This song with its video was the first I heard / saw from this band and I quickly realized that this is the kind of music that I really enjoy listening to. This is a strong song that with its simple yet brilliant video directed by Nikola Stahl introduces a new gothic band. For those of you who want visuals together with the great song the video can be seen here: ‘My Deepest Fear’ brings more metal sounding music with a dark growl that sounds like it’s coming from deep below, clever to have it returning through the song it gives it a darker depth and feeling. I like the mix of slower and faster parts in this song as well as the way the vocals changes and develops through the song - towards the end you hear the dark vocals shadowed by even darker ones and I like that.

When the song ‘The Measure Of All Things’ comes along, I feel like I have almost gotten an overdose of good sounding music, but the musical journey continues with a slower song that begins with beautiful piano / keyboard. I close my eyes and just enjoy the vocals that fits perfectly with the flowing music that might lure you to think that the musical arrangements are simpler than they probably are. I am impressed by the way Chris Harms manage to create so much feeling with his strong voice. ‘Prologue’ is a rougher song with edgier guitars, bass and cool beat. The darker, growling sounding vocal fits really well with the music that in a way seems to growl too. This is another favourite on the album; I like the speed of the song, the great melody as well as the way the song changes - it shows that you don’t easily know what to expect from this band.

‘Sooner Or Later’ is a slower song with strong lyrics; the cool play with words makes this a very special song, at first you only hear Chris Harms sing beautifully only accompanied by piano/keyboard then when about half the song has gone by there is a pause (here you have the time to wonder if the song is over or not) before it continues. Now it has changed into something else - something more, the vocals sound raspier and rougher, and the music has changed too with added guitars, bass, beat and possibly also strings / violin. It is a 12 minute long masterpiece of song that is a very good end to this musical adventure.


01. Last Words
02. Break Your Heart
03. Dry the Rain
04. My Deepest Fear
05. The Measure of All Things
06. Till Death Us Do Part
07. Prologue
08. Never Forgive
09. To Die For
10. Vicious Circle
11. Not from This World
12. Nothing Words Can Say
13. Sooner Or Later


Chris Harms - Vocals, guitar
Sebsta - Guitar
Sensai - Guitar
Class - Bass
Any - Drums


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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