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Artist: Oberer Totpunkt
Title: Stiller Zoo
Genre: Dark Electronica
Release Date: 21st May 2010
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

Sinister bells begin the opening track ‘Staub’ with a spoken word overlay acting as an introduction to this unusual album. 'Es war einmal' is the second track, hard and heavy, catchy and listenable, this time the vocals whilst still being said rather than sung are far more attractive than it the opening track. Third track up 'Die Vogelhochzeit' is more of a similar ilk with robotic backing vocals and the same overlaid main vocal. 'Zorn des Drachen' has a marching feel to it, and is slightly more adventurous than the previous track. 'Gevatter Tod' has more discordance and threat to it whilst '1001 Nacht' is my favourite from the album, being far more intense than any of the other tracks.

The sound is well managed on the album and it's good of its genre but many of the tracks seem very similar, with no difference in vocal style throughout the whole album with the only variation occurring musically. That being said, all of the tracks are competently done and if dark Electronica is your thing you'll love it. 'Teufel's Lehrerin' is another stand out track, being solid and harsh and they certainly are on the cutting edge of Electronica, certainly worth the money if you like something very bleak and robotic with a desire not to conform to normal constraints of Electronica.


01. Staub
02. Es war einmal
03. Die Vogelhochzeit
04. Zorn des Drachen
05. Gevatter Tod
06. 1001 Nacht
07. Teufels Lehrerin
08. Nervenfieber
09. Gefangen im Vergangenen
10. Paul ist tot
11. Sternenstaub
Bonus: Es wird einmal gewesen sein


Bettina Bormann - Vocals and Lyrics
Michael Krüger - Musik & Drums

Live & Studio:
David Nesselhauf- Bass
Choir - Canticum Potentem -Sean dArc (Bariton), Vox Inhumana, (Tenor), Steven Sable, (Bass), Erik Poison, (Sub-Bass)
Malström - Synthesizer
Tom Wendt - Guitar
Jann Hansen - Trombone
Hans-Christian Stephan - Trumpet
Hubert Fersterer - Saxophone

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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