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Artist: Morning Boy
Title: We Won’t Crush
Genre: Indie / Pop Rock
Release Date: 26th November 2010
Label: Waggle-Daggle Records

Album Review

MORNING BOY are four young musicians from Frankfurt. They’ve been compared to PLACEBO but they lack the Post-punk revival feel of it, and PAVEMENT - but they are more melodic - one of their main characteristics. They cherish their youthful idealism with optimistic streak which makes the more melancholy moods light-hearted rather than heavy. Dreaminess is a major component they work within their Pop rock songs creating hazy summer morning’s freshness feel. The genre seems to be swallowing much of the musical world and is especially enamoured by the younger generation, well even my young teenage daughter started singing as I played their new album ‘We Won’t Crush’. Before its release there were three singles - ‘For us, the drifters. For them, the Bench’ in 2008, ‘I Sold My Heart Today’ in 2009 and this year ‘Hey Hey Hey (I Found You)’.

‘Every Whisper’ sounds the most radio-friendly and is potentially MORNING BOY’s hit given an appropriate air time, though the guitar here and the drumming intro for the previous, first song ‘Pilot’ gives you a sense of déjà vu. Although ‘Just 19’ contains more intensity drive and is more angsty with its fast tempo and more vehement vocal, the all songs pervading gentle ambience created by smooth melodies softens it.  ‘Untitled’ is an instrumental welcome marker of the half of the album. ‘Tripping Children’ has a dazed languorousness of PINK FLOYD (in mood, not musically as such). ‘I Won’t Crush’ has a defiance about it and is more ‘naked’ in terms of having less the smooth melodies and its instrumentation is more jarred than the rest, but one shouldn’t expect it to be entirely gone - not a bad thing though if you are enjoying that aspect of their music. ‘Stand By Me’ is like a prolonged, vague good bye to the listener. ‘We Won’t Crush’ is a gentle breezy album, with genial and relaxing feel.


01. Pilot – 4.33
02. Every Whisper – 4.11
03. Just 19 – 4.23
04. Hey Hey Hey (I found you) – 3.26
05. Untitled – 1.19
06. Tripping Children – 3.43
07. Automatic – 4.32
08. Teenage Millionaires – 3.58
09. Now It’s Up To You Mr. Braddock – 2.41
10. Tired Like You – 3.22
11. I Won’t Crush – 4.33
12. Stand By Me – 4.39


Jörg Schmidt - vocals, guitar, synth
Patrick Lange- guitar, synth, vocals
Martin Heimann - bass
Simon Rauland - drums, vocals

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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 /10


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