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Artist: Lucy Seven
Title: Best Of...
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10th December 2010
Label: Ready For More (Swedish Indie)

Album Review

LUCY SEVEN is a band of four musicians from Sweden, which after an EP ‘When All Else Fails’ and an extensive touring is bringing out ‘The Best Of...’ their work so far. This album offers ten solid rock compositions. The album opens with ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ which carries a Neo-folk stamp and the melodic drive is under the pulse of their music flowing into ‘Liar/Advertiser’ and the rest of the songs. The vocals are persistently good and suit their style perfectly and don’t let the songs down. What you’ll find here is sustained, energetic zest combined with a sense of nostalgia. LUCY SEVEN’s Hard Rock combines classic touches to modern feel, utilises few Metal elements in the process, and has an attitude and bit of an edge which is great.

The song transition from ‘Liar/Advertiser’ into ‘Liberation’ with the nursery rhyme chiming as from a baby’s mobile could have been quite creepy, but sounds as a memento that enters into a heavy burst of guitar riffs and comes out surprising in some ways and though used by many before feels very fresh and apt and fitting to the socially aware themes of lyrics. The song is also interlaced by female voiced sample several times with statements such as “Few have a luxury to choose a Master”, “Not everyone is a man. Every man is a slave”. The next ‘Start the Fire’ is one of my favourite tracks here, mostly due to vocals. ‘With Lanterns Lit’ is the slowest track; it feels a bit jumbled up and it lacks of the quality of the previous tracks - it’s just not as interesting.

The closing ‘Zombie Porn’ has glam sheen as well as tinges of Punk Rock and is a little bit of a theatrical number, quite a good one at that with its intriguing and surprising oriental sound close before its finish. A compelling, solid and very enjoyable album, time spent listening to LUCY SEVEN is a time well spent, worth it!


01. Rabbit Rabbit - 3.40
02. Liar/Advertiser – 3.30
03. Liberation – 4.58
04. Start the Fire – 3.47
05. Only One – 3.48
06. Space Monkeys – 3.50
07. Syllables (Big Words) – 3.51
08. The Guide – 3.47
09. With Lanterns Lit – 4.00
10. Zombie Porn – 3.28


Ruby – vocals
Richie – guitar
Jonta – drums
Fox – bass

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10


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