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Artist: The Mission Veo
Title: Strangers
Genre: Dark Indie / New Wave / Electronic Dance Punk
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Label: Spiralchords

Album Review

THE MISSION VEO was founded in 2004 and shared a stage with a lot of other bands (DEAD STARS ASSEMBLY, SURFER BLOOD, FOXY SHAZAM, PARAMORE, THE SOUNDS etc.). 2007 saw a release of a debut, self-titled album in USA. The upcoming European release is its re-mastered version entitled ‘Strangers’.

From the categorising labels assigned to them Electronic Dance Punk fits the most. It’s one of the few trends today that doesn’t butcher punk and turns it into being interesting rather than a caricature. THE MISSION VEO is somewhere between THE NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB, LATE OF THE PIER and SHITDISCO, from the earlier “sound-era” I’d say there are echoes of FUGAZI, its darker and dramatic leanings (more understated) point to BAUHAUS. Their music is exciting; their lyrics actually have something to say, are written in a quirky, clever way with just good amount of attitude (not faked), what more can one ask for?

From the first ‘Fuchsia’ there’s a great sense that they know what rhythm is about, their synths enter just in the right time too and add the dark shades that compliment and enrich the music superbly, the subtle yet strong melodic turns are creeping on one surely and steadily, Johnny’s voice and presence is throughout charismatic to give the music its final edge. The second song ‘Photo’ is one of my favourites, love the guitar hook, the intensity, the lyrics address the other in an unflinching, straightforward manner and ‘nail’ so many people and relationships out there. ‘New York Scum’ is the song that was chosen for their video directed by Dan Dobi; it’s a very catchy song that surely represents them well. ‘Los Angeles’ I’d pick up for the permeating melancholy atmosphere.

I can’t see a reason why the European scene shouldn’t embrace THE MISSION VEO. ‘Strangers’ is an excellent album, to be thoroughly enjoyed from first to last song.


01. Fuchsia – 3.16
02. Photo – 3.09
03. The Jacket – 2.57
04. New York Scum – 3.33
05. Silhouettes – 4.00
06. Los Angeles – 3.24
07. Modern Rules – 2.43
08. Ordinary Life – 3.30
09. Love Will Eat Itself – 3.24
10. Nowhere – 2.55
11. On The Fence – 3.10


Jonny - vocals
Ben - guitar,effects
Ryan - bass
Michael - synth,samples
Ricki - drums

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Music: 9.5
Sound: 10
Total: 9.75 / 10

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