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Artist: My Inner Burning
Title: 11 Scars
Genre: Gothic Metal / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 25th March 2011
Label: Steamhammer/ SPV

Album Review

At first, MY INNER BURNING may seem like just another LACUNA COIL rip off from the sound of the first track to their latest album, ’11 Scars’. The chugging guitars, alternating female and male vocals, and gothic overtones of ‘Masquerade’ seem exactly like the first track heard off of LC’S album, ‘Karmacode’. However, as the album progresses, one could say that MY INNER BURNING are more heavy metal than gothic oriented, much along the lines of a band like CRYSTAL VIPER. Again, very large similarities in vocal styles, but the harsh male vocals are the only thing that really separates all three bands. That being said, it isn’t much to diversify. Tracks like ‘For The Last Time’ and ‘Done With Denial’ from ’11 Scars’ are pretty much melodic heavy metal in the same vein. The female vocalist has a pretty good voice that has a decent range without sounding dry or uninspired. However, the lack of difference between songs can tend to drag the album down a little bit as it mostly seems like heavy metal the way through, again, mirroring CRYSTAL VIPER.

Some tracks do sound different though. ‘When I’m Gone’ is a slow, acoustic ballad that makes the female vocals really shine and stand on their own with some great Spanish influenced guitars. In fact, it may be that this song alone that allows MY INNER BURNING to be separated from other comparisons, because nor LACUNA COIL, or CRYSTAL VIPER, performs music just like this. ‘Demons’ hits hard and fast like a SYSTEM DIVIDE song with the alternating clean female and harsh male vocals. ‘Enemy Of Mine’ is the only track that really features much in the way of gothic elements from the electronic keyboard sound, but instead of a leisurely, catchy pace, the vocals seem to rush the music with their spitfire mode. On the other hand, the closing track ‘Home-Sick’, is a great mid paced melodic metal piece with the keyboards doing an excellent backing instrumentation. It isn’t overly gothic, but just enough to add the right level of atmosphere.

Still, overall MY INNER BURNING’s second album will mostly ring true with LACUNA COIL fans or those who enjoy gothic metal. The male / female vocal trend is a bit popular these days in the genre, and at the same time, used all to the same effect. Don’t expect anything marvelous and outstanding here as this album pretty much all sounds like the other stuff that is out there. On the other hand, there are one or two songs that may allow MY INNER BURNING to crack the shell of mediocrity and try and rise above all the comparisons and the naysayers.


1. Masquerade 3:47
2. Analize 3:01
3. Electrified 4:35
4. For The Last Time 3:01
5. When I'm Gone 5:32
6. Demons 3:59
7. Done With Denial 3:02
8. Gone Wrong 3:47
9. Enemy of Mine 3:39
10. New Breed 3:43
11. Home-Sick 4:31


Rebekka 'Becky' Gaber - Vocals
Torsten 'Sauer' Sauerbrey - Guitar
Jörg 'Deibl' Janssen - Guitar, Harsh Vocals
Daniel Pietrzak - Bass
Niklas 'Nik' Kahl - Drums


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Sound: 6
Music: 5
Total: 5.5 / 10

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