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Artist: Mads Langer
Title: Behold
Genre: Pop / Rock
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

MADS LANGER hails from Denmark, but is based in London now. He’s another of those stories of folks found by big label companies from the sea of hopefuls on social media networks - he was spotted by Sony on MySpace which means that his new album ‘Behold’ has all the big push behind it and you’re guaranteed to come across his music. “Let’s start a riot” Langer implores in ‘The River Has Run Wild’ which he has already released as a free download, but it’s hardly a rousing call! The mood he plays for is for unwinding, perfect for an Ovaltine or Horlicks adverts (no, these are not placement advertisements, neither company has paid me to mention them though they should start thinking of paying MADS LANGER some royalties!), it’s very tempting to fall asleep so relaxing it is - the exact opposite for the adrenaline activity such as riot! Langer’s music is mellow and soft - and far too much of both if you’re not in a mood or your temperament has more fire in it.

It’s apparently been described as melancholic but you have to be living a cocooned and very sheltered life and experience things superficially to find his music so, in so much of a contrast with music that is truly dark and sad out there it doesn’t come out as scratching even just the surface of either emotion. And though he says about himself that he’s a “tough guy” his music doesn’t give you a glimpse of that either. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he lists as his influence JEFF BUCKLEY, inevitably you will hear it - the influence is a tad obvious, but he makes JEFF BUCKLEY look like an Epic / Power Metal singer as the latter possessed a lot more adrenaline and made his music much more masculine. BUCKLEY also possessed more charisma and genuine creativity. I feel LANGER is merely going with formulas to appeal mostly to female audience yearning for a romantic hero. It takes more than being able to hit the notes of the higher register as JEFF BUCKLEY used to equal his legacy. Another influence that doesn’t surprise me as you’d hear it too is RAY LAMONTAGNE. LANGER’s trying to fill some big boots here and although he’s a skilful musician and singer, I wonder where and who the real MADS LANGER is? Having influences is a nice thing, but you have to be yourself and not them at the end of the day.

Don’t take me wrong, it’s really a pleasant music, very listenable and agreeable, and his voice has a very nice texture and if he did lack skills it’d be just fine, but he could do so much more with what he has at his disposal. ‘Drunken Butterfly’ for example sounds a lot more interesting, even if its liveliness is turned up only slightly, but it does have more interesting facets, sounds and differing turns and sounds more - erm, like him. ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a cover of the song by OLIVE that has got him noticed, more guitar driven, more rhythmic and in that respect actually sounds more exciting than the original. By ‘Remains Of You’ we are back into the romantic hero territory, the (maybe too much) sensitive new-age man. Whist he admires a more intuitive approach to music, I wonder why he falls into the same trap as many of today’s singers - showing off vocal techniques for no other reason than to show off - sometimes less could really be more especially when the song would be better for it.

The shame about this album is also that so many songs are too similar to each other with only few exceptions to bring in more diversity. And yes, some oomph to it would be great. I should have reviewed this before bedtime really, but I’d have fallen asleep and keyboard is not the best pillow, believe me. Maybe it should be prescribed on NHS (or equivalent health system) instead of sleeping pills. That’d be really nice, certainly more than spending money on it, or wait; you’ll hear it on the radio a lot anyway. Don’t drive though!


01. I'm Leaving - 4:34
02. The River has Run Wild - 6:11
03. Riding Elevators - 3:53
04. Microscope - 3:10
05. Fact-Fiction - 4:30
06. Drunken Butterfly - 4.04
07. You're Not Alone - 3:19
08. Remains of You - 3:53
09. Last Flower - 3:54
10. Rearranged - 4.30
11. I Love You - 3:53
12. Death Has Fallen In Love - 4.41


Mads Langer – Vocal, guitars
Studio and live musicians:
Søren Lund – Guitar
Nis Tyrrestrup – Bass
Asger Møller – Drums, percussions

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Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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