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introPalladium, Cologne, Germany
8th March 2016
The Sisters of Mercy & LSD on CIA

It's been thirty years ago that one-of-a-kind rock band THE SISTER OF MERCY from Leeds, Britain, has released their debut ‘First and Last and Always’ (1985). THE SISTERS are celebrated as icons because of their timeless tunes that are gloomy and danceable at the same time. Currently, the band is a touring outfit only and their concerts are regular. But this show in Cologne was really long-awaited: it was rescheduled for two times, cause of Andrew Eldritch illness. This time the concert finally took place.


There's a young Danish band LSD ON CIA as a support on this tour. LSD ON CIA is hard, melodic, progressive rock music, played by three hedonist kids who seem to have written their songs in the basement of a nuclear power plant. LSD ON CIA was playing the half-hour program consisting of songs from their two releases. The guys are good musicians, but their songs have sounded quite the same. They have a lot to work at and there's much to develop, but it's really notably that LSD ON CIA have a good potential. The guys are very young and there's for success and new summits, they'll reach in the future. To say more, at their first songs the light was too bright that nearly left the some front rows blind. Unpleasant thing. / 


The Sisters of Mercy

THE SISTERS OF MERCY is the band, which needs no introduction. This legendary British rock band, the founders of Goth music, is well known to everyone. THE SISTER OF MERCY from Leeds, Britain, has released their debut ‘First and Last and Always’ (1985). Only two more studio albums followed, namely, ‘Floodland’ (1987) and ‘Vision Thing’ (1990). Still, THE SISTERS are celebrated as icons because of their timeless tunes that are gloomy and danceable at the same time: Just think of ‘The Temple of Love’, the ‘Flood’ songs, ‘Dominion / Mother Russia’, ‘This Corrosion’, ‘Marian’, ‘More’, or ‘Lucretia My Reflection’. Despite the lack of new recordings, THE SISTERS remain active as performers. And though, nearly 26 years have already passed from THE SISTERS OF MERCY last album release, they're still popular and even acquire a fresh interest. Maybe, the secret is in a figurative and always actual lyrics, expressive music, making feel deeper and shiver everything inside, in very special charisma of the leader, Andrew Eldritch, mysterious man with the strongest power? But there's only one thing can be said for sure - this discrepant band won't leave anyone indifferent. / 


Music & Performance
On 8th of March, lots of different people came to the Palladium: young and old, civil and extremely Goth, but all of them were united by music of THE SISTERS OF MERCY. As the show began, rather calm and friendly people turned into a crazy moshing crowd, which didn't calm down till the end of the show. THE SISTERS OF MERCY exist in their changeless form already for the last 10 years: Chris Catalyst, Ben Christo and, surely the great Andrew Eldritch. The band entered the stage, filled with a heavy smoke, nearly on time with the enveloping sounds of ‘More’ set the pace to all the show. Next one, sensual and sharp ‘Ribbons’, added some trepidation and in the air and in the visitor's bodies it created true THE SISTERS mood, preparing everyone to the upcoming programme. New songs of the band, like ‘Crash and Burn’ or ‘Summer’, which have already become the concerts-classics, and ‘Arms’, which has taken a fancy since it has been played for the first time, are perfectly twisted with the good old ones and platinum hits for all the times. Performing both of the ‘Floods’ became a wonderful surprise, as well as a touching and breath-taking ‘1959’ at the first encore with a perfect acoustic guitar playing by Chris Catalyst.


The cover of ‘Jihad’ by SISTERHOOD with its sonorous rich east sound is always a real adorning of the show. ‘Lucretia, my reflection’ became the apogee of the whole concert, the public burst with pure ecstasy. It isn't needed to say, that everyone has known all the songs by heart and has been singing along for the entire concert. More than an hour and a half programme with two encores ended with outstanding and the most popular hit of SISTERS, ‘This Corrosion’. Andrew Eldritch - in his already habitual style and, surely, his unchangeable sunglasses and cigarette in the hand - was in a very good voice and shape. It seems that he needed some time to improve his health indeed to return full of power and passion. His power is still at its peak and it seems that it will never run out. Both of the guitar players proved and displayed much talent as a musicians and backing vocalists once again. The thing, which really saddened is not a very good sound in the Palladium. It could be really much better. And the moshing public could be more restrained. But the light was very beautiful: together with the smoke the stage looked mysteriously charming.


After nearly 40 years of history, THE SISTERS OF MERCY are still a relevant band with an unabated interest around. The band improves themselves every time and reaches more and more goals. Let it be so also in the future. We want more!

01. More
02. Ribbons
03. Crash and Burn
04. Dr Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
05. Body Electric
06. Amphetamine Logic
07. Alice
08. Flood I
09. Arms
10. No Time to Cry
11. Dominion/ Mother Russia
12. Summer
13. Jihad
14. Valentine
15. Flood II
16. 1959
17. Lucretia, my reflection
18. Vision Thing
19. First and Last and Always
20. Temple of Love
21. This Corrosion

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 6
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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