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Plato, Helmond, The Netherlands
May 12th 2006
Sphere of Souls, NovAct

Prog metal is hot! A lot of musicians feel the need in the last years to make complex and progressive music inspired by (most of the time) bands like Dream Theater. Result: a thousand copies claiming to be new and different. But some bands actually do make a change.


The genuine article, the real deal. Not playing this type of music because they bought Scenes from a Memory and thought they could do that as well. Ploughing their way through the Dutch music scene under the moniker Morgana-X for several years this band deserves respect and support. Half-way through 2004 they suddenly changed their name to get rid of a stigma caused by the X in their old name. NovAct is slowly but steadily moving away from the stigmas, rising above the majority, into the upstream. Keep your eye on these guys.  

It’s just been a while long ago since I’ve seen NovAct live. In the meantime there have been a few changes around the band: Roy Segers has replaced Wouter Hamelink on guitar. Wouter had to quit the band because of hearing problems. Another (very positive) change is that the band has started writing new songs. This evening they showed us two of their new songs: ‘The Ecstasy of Politica’ and ‘ Two thousand Dead’. The songs were a little more up tempo and greatly received by the audience, a good promise for the upcoming album. The rest of the set existed of well known songs like ‘Sharply Condemned’, ‘Bad Religion’ (my personal favourite) and ‘Eternal Life’.
The ended the show with the Van Halen cover ‘Jump’. This song fits both the band as Eddy’s voice perfectly and according to me they should play this song more at the upcoming gigs. Eddy’s voice was as clear as ever and the band sounded great. The sound in general was sometimes a bit too loud.

Even though there were not a lot of people present this evening, the band still performed as if they played a full venue; enthusiastic and powerful. The new guitar player Roy Segers fitted very well in the band and you could see that he really enjoys performing. He proved himself to be a fine replacement for Wouter Hamelink. In the beginning of ’Jump’ Eddy seemed a little insecure about the song, but when he noticed that the song was received greatly by the audience he loosened up and rocked on.

01. Sharply Condemned
02. Hope and Fear
03. Bad  Religion
04. The Ecstasy of Politica
05. Eternal Life
06. The Rider
07. Two thousand Dead
08. Promises
09. Jump


Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 6
Total 8


Sphere of Souls

Sphere of Souls was formed by vocalist André Vuurboom following his departure from Sun Caged in May 2004. Former Autumn Equinox bassist Kees Harrison was soon recruited to the line-up, closely followed by André’s former bandmate, ex-Imperium drummer Patrick Gerritzen. Joost van den Broek, who had also recently left Sun Caged, soon expressed a keen interest in the project, offering his services as keyboard player and producer for the band’s first album. Guitar virtuoso Anand Mahangoe agreed to contribute solos. Sphere of Souls' debut album 'From the Ashes...' was recorded between May and September of 2005 at Rotterdam's Excess Studios and the home studios of Joost van den Broek and Anand Mahangoe. In November 2005 Sphere of Souls signed to the Finnish progressive rock and metal label Lion Music, which released 'From the Ashes...' on Friday, 21 April 2006.

After a short break it was time another and relatively new prog band Sphere of Souls. After spending May till September in the Excess studios the band entered the Plato stage for a cd presentation of their first released album ‘From the Ashes…’. They started off with the title track ’From the Ashes’ followed by ‘Sweet Sorrow’. Immediately became clear that Sphere of Souls is not just a prog. band. Heavy guitar solo’s (Anand Mahangoe and Rob Cerrone) and catchy basslines (Kees Harisson) were combined the powerful voice of André Vuurboom and fortified with the rhythmic drumparts of Ruud van Diepen. André (vocals) showed us that he has not only a disposition of a high metal voice, but also a lower more dramatic voice on ‘Loss’.  Joost van den Broek, After Forever, joined Sphere of Souls on keys. Half way the set he gave a great keyboard solo like only Joost can do… Sphere of Souls closed the set  with a cover of André’s (vocals) favourite band Fate’s Warning cover ‘One’, which was brought to us with extreme power.

Despite the lack of people present that evening (although there were a few more people present than during NovAct) Sphere of Souls give the audience their very best. André made a lot of contact with the audience like giving them a privat concert. Also Kees (bass), Anand (guitars) and Rob (guitars) were having fun onstage while doing crazy dances. Anand (guitars) enjoyed the audience a little extra when making funny faces and crazy moves. If that guy can’t make it in music, he can still be a comedian ;-).  All songs were strengthened with a lot of emotion by André (vocals), which could be read from his face. The lightshow was a little better, a lot of smoke and effects were used which gave it a greaty ambiance. Sphere of Souls is definitely a band you should keep in mind!

01. From the ashes
02. Sweet sorrow
03. Loss
04. Beneath the Surface
05. Empty
06. Until Death do us Part
07. Extinct
08. Room 9
09. No Salvation
10. Solo Joost (keys)
11. Untruth
12. Room 6
13. Lies Inc
14. One
Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 8 

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