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Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 12th 2006
Tanzwut, Red Ink

On a sunny but windy Friday afternoon Tanzwut came to visit the Netherlands again. Their new album ‘Schattenreiter’ has just been released and it was time to share this new sound with their Dutch fans.

Red Ink

Tanzwut had asked their friends from Red Ink to open the show. They chose a heavier band this time because their new album is heavier too.

Even though they were chosen because they are a metal band they had a folk element, being a violin. As of song one there were heads bopping around the venue due to the moving beats in the music. Their vocalist has good grunts but his normal sensing voice is not that convincing.

It was clear that their vocalist was very passionate about what he was doing, his entire body was full of tension and this passion exploded on stage. Jumping around and banging his head. One of their guitarists had this passion in his eyes and directed this power to his guitar. The violinist was not on stage during all of the songs, thus providing more stage for the others to move around. The lights were not that special, they moved and provided some extra atmosphere but they did not stand out.

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 7 (6.9)


Then after half an hour of opening act and a little break in between it was finally time for the band of the evening; Tanzwut. A new album, a new look, a new sound.

It was great to hear Tanzwut mix their old and new sound together during this concert. ‘Toccata’ was a good start, a classical opening to a great evening. Then next two songs brought the party atmosphere into the venue. It was surprising to see how many members of the audience could already sing along with the new songs. They may have made a more metal orientated album there are also other influences such as the blues you hear in ‘Im Tiefen Gras’. After ‘Geisterstunde which caused a heavy pit in the audience there was a break with ‘Niemals Ohne Dich’. There was a good balance in the set list. After closing with ‘Nein Nein’ the audience was still so enthusiastic they had to come back. Luckily they did. They closed the show with some of the older songs and thus ending the show with a venue full of happy and satisfied fans.

What caught my eye were the new costumes. There was only one of the men left wearing a skirt and that was Castus. The others were all wearing pants. They were decorated with black and silver smears and circles. These circles reminded me of the work of the German artist Hundertwasser. At the back of the stage there was a backdrop with the octopus on it which is also on the cover of their new album. During ‘Wieder Am Riff’ they shout, as if they are in war and at because of that I saw their faces were ‘decorated’ with wounds and their bodies were covered in some kind of red paint which you could see in a certain light. During ‘Im Tiefen Gras’ they had a special surprise. Just before the song started the lights went down and when they were back on each band member wore sunglasses and all you have to do is listen to the song to know why. Castus and Ador were doing the appropriate Blues Brother moves with their flutes, very entertaining. It is always fun to see the interaction Tanzwut has with their audience, asking them to clap and sing along, at times addressing them personally. Besides this they always have choreographs for each song which is a great sight and you can see they are having fun themselves as well. This all together is a great package for a great show full of fire and enthusiasm.

00. Intro
01. Toccata
02. Ihr Wolltet Spass
03. Im Labyrinth Der Sinne
04. Meer
05. Wieder Am Riff
06. Merseburger
07. Den Zweites Gesicht
08. Vulkan
09. Endlich
10. Du Sagst
11. Teufel Im Paradies
12. Lugner
13. Wachter
14. Bitte Bitte
15. Im Tiefen Gras
16. Der Arzt
17. Geisterstunde
18. Niemals Ohne Dich
19. Schattenreiter
20. Seelenverkaufer
21. Dammerung
22. Nein Nein
23. Konigreich
24. Gotterfunke
25. Trumscheit

Music 8
Performance 9
Sound 7
Light 7
Total 8 (8.1)

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