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skullfist2011 01Interview with

Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist

Canadian Metal heads of SKULL FIST are not around for very long already. In 2010, they released an EP, ‘Heavier than Metal’, followed by the first album, ‘Head of the Pack’, in August 2011. Touring with quite some names of the genre already, we had enough reason to ask them a few questions…

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Where’s your energy on stage coming from and how do you explain for yourself the rocket-success in Germany?
Jackie Slaughter (Jackie): I think some would say it comes from A.D.D. but I think its just the fact that we love to rock man. Hahaha! We jam everyday. We listen to tunes constantly. The only thing of any importance is just given shit on stage man. We’ve only got one hour to live! And that’s how you know well give it all we’ve got to give as for the success.... we still have jobs. When we get to rock 11 months out of the year then that will be success to me! I think noise art and rock the nation have a lot to do with this. That’s for sure!

RoD: What changed for SKULL FIST after the Tour with ENFORCER and BULLET?
skullfist2011 02Jackie: We changed our underwear. We changed our drummer. And we changed our guitar player. Jake the Snake and Jonny Nesta. Really good bro's of mine here in Toronto as well. I love these dudes and the band gets along a lot better now. During that tour we couldn’t stop partying and rocking dude. It was the best time of my life. It was the perfect routine man. Wake up. Eat. Sound check. Goof off. Rock on stage. Get drunk. Sleep. And repeat. It definitely reinforced our attitude towards touring. We are built for the road man. It’s like riding a bike. So natural!

RoD: On your last tour with enforcer and Bullet you got more attention than the other two bands wherever you appeared. How do you feel about it and did the other two bands support you still on the tour or was there some kind of jealousy in the air?
Jackie: I know Olof was really jealous of my jogging pants. They were great, haahah. I never noticed anything like that though? ENFORCER and BULLET had huge crowds. So did we. We partied. So did they. Those are the weener logistics or whatever that we don’t bother with. It was definitely rad as hell opening for these guys though. Every night was rocking harder and harder! The other guys we were really rad as hell man. It was our first tour but I was told by all them that we will look back on it and say. Shit. That was the best tour ever.

RoD: What impressions did you take home after the last tour here?
Jackie: I was impressed. Very impressed. Many a meatheads and lots of booze. Tons of babes too. Totally rad man! Europe double rules compared to the rest of the world. The rest of the world just needs some more conversions! I was also impressed by the price of vodka. My god. It was only 8 bucks for a 26 of Russian stuff. That is just nice. But when I got home I realized it was time to turn SKULL FIST into the ultimate heavy metal machine. The heaviest machinery known to man!

RoD: World domination starts in Germany… why here?
skullfist2011 06Jackie: Because flights to Germany were cheaper then anywhere else. Hahahhahaha!
Because you guys have carbonated water? And carbonated apple juice…
Because the German language is as close to English as it gets for us
Because your babes have sexy blonde hair? Hahahaha!
Because scorpions rule!
Because Germany is German!

RoD: Next targets?
Jackie: Conquer Europe and then convert all of north America. As soon as we can after that we head to Japan and rock with those dudes and then rock with south America! Asia if we can man. Everything dude. The whole world. We will play for peanuts and a place to sleep. It doesn’t matter dude!

RoD: Tell our readers something about the new drummer, how did you find him and why does he fit into the band?
Jackie: Jake the Snake fits because his snake is long. 7 miles long. Ride the snake west. The west is the best! Jake is from a small town right outside of Toronto. He was in a band with Casey before Casey left to join SKULL FIST. We’ve been drunk jamming and partying with Jake for the last 3 years with his old band as well. They were called SONIC SHOCK. You can find them on the internet! Jake was our first idea for the band because he fits so perfect. He’s got the perfect attitude. His IQ is low just like ours and he likes to smoke and drink. He hits his drums so freaking hard too. After we jammed with him once or twice we knew right away. And shit. He’s funny as hell, hahahah!

RoD: What else changed in the line-up?
Jackie: JONNY NESTA DUDE. You can hear his solos on the new album as well... Jonny has been my bud for a long time. He used to play in maniac. A thrash band here in town. He wanted to play more heavier metal stuff. He played with METALLIAN for a little bit but over the years me and him have hung out tons of times and jammed together. He’s got the perfect attitude for the fist. The fist needs the right guys in order to rock. I couldn’t be any happier right now man. I hope these brothers stay skullfist2011 03forever! They WILL stay forever!

RoD: The first song on the new album ‘Head of the pack’ sounds different from all the others. The drums and the rhythm line are in front, but your voice is pretty silent in the back, is it just because we get the first demo press?
Jackie: Uh, I don’t know. I guess it was just mixed to suit each song? I will go now to the mixer bro Dan and tell him he’s an asshole. Haha!

RoD: In Germany you are titled: The new superstars, the hottest newcomer, best heavy metal act since IRON MAIDEN... Is there any pressure on you now, or is this something you ever wanted and you can absolutely deal with?
Jackie: Ow, that sounds fun. We can deal with anything and everything. We have the ability and the gift of rock man. We can crush anything and triumph on forever. We’ve got enough songs in the heavy metal vault to last us a long time as well!

RoD: In the last Interview you told me that you had a lot of new material ready. Why are on the new album the two old songs ‘Ride the Beast’ and ‘No false metal’?
Jackie: Lots of people always forget about the demo's and E.P's when a band does a few albums. I have always loved those two songs. And I just wasn’t happy with the E.P. version of them. I said, shit dudes, I want these songs to sound radder, heavier you know… I don’t want those songs to be forgotten as well. They were the first 2 skull fist songs so I guess I felt I just wasn’t ready to let them go hahaha... we will record them AGAIN for the 2nd album... I’m just kidding. We wont do that…

RoD: Is there any song on the album which means something very special to the band and if so: why?
Jackie: For me, ‘Commit to Rock’. The lyrics and the song. I like it because it explains and entails everything I’m all about. Times running out but that’s ok. That sacred place Ill find it my way I’ll make it through I’m not gonna run. I spoke the words with no help from anyone. I couldn’t shake that feeling! You gotta commit to rock.

RoD: Does skull fists world domination mean that everybody has to wear leggings, IRON MAIDEN vans and fringed leather jackets when SKULL FIST is on the Lead or how would you world regiment look like?
Jackie: Dress code is NOT in effect. You can wear whatever the hell you like. But leather long skullfist2011 05hair and shredded jeans just happens to look rad and feel rad. The army has and always will have one rule to follow. Commit to rock!

RoD: How should a perfect day for a SKULL FIST band member look like?
Jackie: Wake up on the bus. Already at the next concert hall. Someone gives me some eggnog (north American Christmas drink) for breakfast. 4 babes all from different countries wake up next to me. I stay in the bunk and drink my eggnog. I hear Jonny and Casey waking up too. We all wake up and walk into the river and swim. I do a wicked back flip off this rock into the water. The babes get naked in the water. We smoke a bunch of cigarettes on the side of the river and swear at the clouds. Jake comes over and tells me they’ve got grill cheese inside. We run inside and eat the grill cheese. This type of thing goes on until its time to play. We get on stage. 20,000 people given serious hell along with us. We rock harder than the night before. Some babes show us their boobs… some guy shows us his… we send him to the back of the crowd. Hahaha! I drink vodka on stage and make sure not to be drunk until the end of the set. We get an encore and play Ted Nugents great white buffalo. After the set we jump off stage. I get a big bottle of vodka and then we go party with the crowd. Head of to the front of the stage for BULLET since the perfect tour evolves touring with BULLET and ENFORCER again. Me and Casey punch each other for a while and then go on each others shoulders. Rock hard. I fall off and hit my head... and then wake up the next morning in the bus. Repeat!

RoD: Who does the amazing old-school artwork for you?
Jackie: PHIL BERNARD! His art rules dude. This guy… oh dear… check him out man he runs a magazine called Cromium dioxide as well. Check it!

RoD: If you had the opportunity to make a show and money is not at all playing a role, how would that show look like?
skullfist2011 04Jackie: Money is never playing a roll for us! we just want to make enough to stay on the road. That’s it. And buy some booze and perhaps a thumb war arena (they only cost about 5 bucks). We never made ANY money on the last tour. And that was the best time of my life. I had an eviction notice waiting for me at my apartment when I got home. I figured it all out though. That show would look damned good as long there were at LEAST 10 metal heads. Good enough for us!

RoD: Any advice for all the mothers, trying to keep their daughters locked in, when you’re coming to Germany?
Jackie: Mothers. My advice to you. Is this... were gonna find them. No matter what. It’s just a matter of time. They’ve got to suck it and see! Hahahahah (grim reaper tunes!) But truly. Were going to find them anyways. You might as well just pack them a lunch and give them a pack of smokes to give to us at the show. That way we will be nice and friendly instead of... well… nice and friendly is really how it always is. Sometimes it’s drunk and nice. Or drunk and friendly... oh yeah. The moms can come too!

RoD: If there’s a question you ever wanted to be asked but no f*** interviewer ever asks for it ( always the same shit about new albums, tour ,rehearsals...) what would it be and what’s the answer?
Jackie: The question i would be asked would be "what’s it like being earths supreme ruler" and then I’d be like pffff... wouldn’t you like to know…

Photos by Sharon Toxic

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