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slod donde
Artist: Silent Love Of Death
Title: Donde Habite El Ovido
Genre: Ambient / Neofolk
Release Date: 2011
Label: GH Records

Album Review

SILENT LOVE OF DEATH is a project hailing from Spain, composed of the two brothers Juan and Miguel who started their venture into music in 1996 with a project called LAMENT. 'Donde Habite El Ovido' is their next evolutionary step with their second project. The album kicks off with 'Como La Piel', a sinister collage of disquieting noises wrapped in sombre ambience and whispering spoken-word. On 'Nocturno Entre Las Musaranas' the duo's neofolk influences come forward on a symphony of disbelief and hopelessness. The feeling of loss is extremely strong. 'Cuerpo En Pena' picks up the thread of the opener, drags you in to catacombs of bitch black and fright. 'Linterna Roja' is the choir of lament calling from the beyond, the spectral voices of apparitions in the dark. In one word: Creepy!!! 'Elegia Espanola' dwells in hidden in grey skies of wistfulness and sorrow, lulling you in completely.

'Son Ando La Muerte' feels like a eulogy while the deceased is still taken to the grave and offers a few very well-sounding actually sung vocal parts. The brothers really should do this more often. 'Pais' is more of an experimental matter; quirky, warped sounds everywhere with a violin as clear fix point. The title track makes the closing with a multitude of classical influences. Previously unknown to me I must say the brothers pulled something intriguing. Even though you'll never understand the lyrics, except you happen to speak Spanish. The moods speak volumes.


01. Como La Piel - 3:38
02. Atardecer En La Catedral - 4:00
03. Nocturno Entre Las Musaranas - 3:24
04. Cuerpo En Pena - 5:35
05. Linterna Roja - 3:32
06. Elegia Espanola - 5:59
07. Son Ando La Muerte - 6:34
08. Pais - 3:48
09. Donde Habite El Olvido - 1:57


Juan Carlos Toledo
Miguel Ángel Toledo


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slod donde


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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