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timidtiger thestreetsareblack
Artist: Timid Tiger
Title: The Streets Are Black
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 30th March 2012
Label: Papercup Records

Album Review

TIMID TIGER is a German band proud of its DIY approach, from song-writing up to mixing in their own studio and putting their music out via their own music label. ‘The Streets Are Black’ is their third album. They describe their music as: “From dusty 60's beats and shady 70's grooves to catchy 80s keyboards and contemporary hip-hop electronicas. From old to new school.” Let’s get some of the criticism out before we settle to go beyond it, the rapping just feels out of place and not that well incorporated, it’d have been better either by getting someone more adept to guest on the album or by those parts being simply a spoken word. It’d have also matched the lyrics and music better; it would have made it more evocative, more genuine, and more alive.

The music though is a nice chilled out affair with a slightly nostalgic and melancholy vibe going on yet when the bits of reggae come in it cheers up somewhat. Without the hip-hop the vocal matched that chilled out mood quite well, though up to the third half of the album, maybe due to the production issues, it felt at times weaker than the music and not lending itself to being felt very easily. ‘Back From Hell’ was the best song where the vocal is more out there as it should have been throughout, the music has a cool lose vibe with an element of theatricality and is capable of getting the listener to be more engaged with it, have some fun with it. ‘Everytime We Talk’ just demonstrates that the spoken word parts are more suited than rapping. I’d give them a chance even if I have some qualms about it for the promise they have, their lyrics are really good, and the music has coolness about it and the possibility to enjoy it during a summer evening on your day off.


01. The Streets Are Black
02. Miracle
03. Hangin’ In The Sun
04. The New Catastrophe
05. Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt
06. The Sun Goes Down, The Streets Are Black
07. You And Me
08. Walking In The Sand
09. Many Miles Away
10. Back From Hell
11. Everytime We Talk
12. The Astronaut


Keshav Purushotham
Christian Voss
Evgeni Kouris
Christopher Martin
Steffen Wilmking

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timidtiger thestreetsareblack


Music: 6.5
Sound: 6.5
Total: 6.5 / 10

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