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skylavertex urwerk
Artist: Skyla Vertex
Title: Urwerk
Genre: Electro / EBM / Industrial
Release Date: 20th April 2012
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

With their debut album, German SKYLA VERTEX jump into the wagon of Industrial music as veterans who know very well what their album should sound like. Harsh beats, synth soundscapes, and edgy lyrics construct this dance-floor orientated album. Songs like the ‘Sinnkrieg’, ‘Deconstructors’ and NACHTMAHR’s remix of ‘Befreiungsschlang’ (a word with seven consequent consonants!) will force you to dance. But besides this (always welcomed) aspect the ‘Urwerk’ works as a calculated method to dive into the human psychology in order to bring out layers of insanity. Although this is expected in the genre, style matters, and that’s one of the points SKYLA VERTEX excel at.

Their music never gets “paranoid” and it maintains a pleasantly aggressive attitude and tone. And as it is a concept album every song has extra layers and is developed as a leitmotiv over personalised obsessions. When it comes to the songs some other notable moments of the album are ‘The Buying Dead’, the versions of ‘Urwerk’ (especially ‘Asche’) and the remixes (which are uplifting and interesting). In short, SKYLA VERTEX have released an album that borders on brilliance, making the band one of the names to watch out for. 


01. Somnia
02. Strom und Drang
03. Befreiungsschlag
04. Sinnkrieg
05. Face It
06. Urwerk (Funke)
07. Urwerk (Feuer)
08. Urwerk (Asche)
09. Deconstructors
10. Schall und Rauch
11. City Demon
12. The Buying Dead
13. ZeitgEist
14. Schall und Rauch (Kriegsmonster Remix by Peter Spilles)
15. Strom und Drang (Orange Sector Version)
16. Befreiungsschlag (Nachtmahr Remix)


Greg - Machines, Vocals
Alex - Main Vocals


Cover Picture

skylavertex urwerk


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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