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sodom epitomeoftorture
Artist: Sodom
Title: Epitome Of Torture
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 26th April 2013
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

SODOM is a German Thrash Metal band that was initiated in 1981 and is among the most well-known German Thrash Metal bands (alongside with Destruction, Kreator and Tankard). Over the years, they have refined their style from a more Black Metal influenced Thrash Metal to their very own Thrash Metal. Tom Angelripper is the only remaining forming and constant member in the line-up. With ‘Epitome Of Torture’, SODOM release the follower of 2010’s ‘In War And Pieces’ and at the same time the first studio album with drummer Markus Freiwald.

Style-wise, not much has changed since the last album. After more than 30 years , SODOM still provide fast, aggressive and characteristic Thrash Metal. Compared to ‘In War And Pieces’, the production on ‘Epitome Of Torture’ is less polished and more rough. This fits the music quite well, some parts could have sounded a bit more differentiated, but that’s also a matter of taste. The tracklist includes ten regular tracks, the special editions offer two or three bonus songs. ‘My Final Bullet’ starts off in a less direct and almost melodic way, whereas ‘S.O.D.O.M.’ is very straight-forward and encompasses a catchy, hymn-like chorus.

Songs like ‘Stigmatized’, ‘CANNIBAL’ or ‘Shoot Today - Kill Tomorrow’ have interesting hook-lines and edges, but are not really outstanding or innovative. A tendency for more melodic and at times epic phrases (as in ‘Tracing The Victim’) may occur a little more frequent on this album, whereas the vocals are more harsh and show parallels to the very early works. ‘Invocating The Demons’ uses a lot of changing speeds, whereas ‘Into The Skies Of War’ is probably the most interesting track of the album and includes a fair amount of groove and good guitar work. The quality of ‘Epitome Of Torture’ is decent and the band does what they do best, but somehow the previous ‘In War And Pieces’ appeared more direct, with more ‘hits’ and less predictable.


01. My Final Bullet
02. S.O.D.O.M.
03. Epitome Of Torture
04. Stigmatized
06. Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow
07. Invocating The Demons
08. Katjuschka
09. Into The Skies Of War
10. Tracing The Victim


Tom Angelripper – Vocals, Bass
Bernemann – Guitars
Markus ‘Makka’ Freiwald – Drums


Cover Picture

sodom epitomeoftorture


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: Various editions on CD and Vinyl with bonus tracks
Total: 7.5 / 10

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