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Lucky & Co, Rijssen, The Netherlands
25 January 2007
Stream of Passion (ft Ayreon)

A year after their first ever concert in Eindhoven the band had returned to the Netherlands to the venue where they'd recored their dvd. A mixed crowd of people who on the whole were quite a bit older than at concerts of other gothic metal related bands filled up the nice venue in Rijssen.

Stream of Passion, Arjen Lucassen's very succesful internet project that went on to be a real band has gone into it's second year of live existance. By now the band has played in many countries and gathered a good fanbase. Unfortunately there's no news on the band's future and so far it seems like this was one of their last shows ever. A real shame, but maybe if their fans would start nagging the 2m tall Arjen Lucassen, you never know if this succes will live on.

No guest vocalists this time, it was up to Marcella and her siter Diana to cover the songs of Stream of Passion as well as Aryon. For the male vocal parts both Arjen and Alejandro did a very nice job. Diana went on steady during the show but it seemed Marcella had some difficulties in the beginning, however the longer she was on stage the better she got. The mix in the venue was not very equal, the bass at some places was pushing away the vocals but overall the playing of Johan on bass and Davy on drums sounded strong and present. With the guitars covered by the talented, but somehat ill, Lori Linstruth and Arjen, the strings of Marcella and the keys of Alejandro they almost managed to fill the entire spectrum of the music. Basically all it missed was the cello, especially in the more delicate parts. And besides these few things it was just a good concert with very powerful music.

The energy on stage was enormous like it should be with a name like that. With a lot of interaction between members and the audience, the front rows at least seemed to have a good time. The rest of the audience seemed more relaxed and enjoying the concert in a less extravert manner. The members of the band had a lot of interaction amongst eachother and because of the good lighting the audience could see the band well. People joking with eachther, challenging eachother and a lot of leaning into eachother confirmed that this band still has fun together. With a lot of moody and heavy texts there was an abundance of emotions for Marcella to play with. Whether or not plyed she made it look and feel like she lived through what she was singing. Besides these darker parts the band can just be charactericesed by one simple fact; they truely enjoyed themsleves on stage. That combined with some good music makes a concert really worthwhile. Let's hope this only encourages the mastermind behind all this to make more of his music with this talented group of people.

01. Spellbound
02. Pride (Ayreon)
03. Passion
04. Wherever you are
05. Computer Eyes (Ayreon)
06. Valley of the Queens (Ayreon)
07. Haunted
08. High Moon (Star One)
09. Deceiver / Songs of the Ocean
10. Vigil (Ayreon)
11. Pain (Ayreon)
12. Quazar (Ayreon)
13. Open Your Eyes
14. Out in the Real World
15. Castle Hall (Ayreon)
16. Black Holio (Ayreon)
17. Love (Ayreon)
18. Are Friends Electric (Gary Numan)


Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 9

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