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sorrownight unknownpresence
Artist: Sorrownight
Title: Unknown Presence
Genre: Dark Rock
Release: Spring 2019
Label: self-released

Album Review

The long-awaited debut album of the Erfurt Dark Rock band SORROWNIGHT is waiting in the starting blocks, although exact date of publication is not yet known. I had just returned from a weekend trip to Finland to find ‘Unknown Presence’, the debut album by SORROWNIGHT, in the mailbox.

Of course, I immediately spun the album a few turns in the player - and I felt as if I were listening to the sound of Scandinavia - great Gothic, Dark Rock, melancholic, but still with razor-sharp guitar riffs that invite the listener to head-bang, for example, during the song ‘Unveil’. With a good mix of slower and faster Rock songs, the fan base of the band is sure to grow as ‘Unknown Presence’ serves a wide range of styles. The driving sound with hard instrumental parts is in contrast to the SORROWNIGHT EP, ‘Hellish Sacrifice’ with its clearly noticeable Doom and Metal influences. I should have had the CD with me in Finland that would have been the perfect soundtrack to the after-show party of the concert of RAIN DIARY, SADDOLLS and LORD OF THE LOST. I’ve been following SORROWNIGHT for a few years now and am really speechless about what Veri Jumala and his band have done.

Also, Veri’s voice has gained tremendous strength and versatility, as can be seen in the very low-sung ‘Sapphire Eyes’. ‘Diamond Shadows’ takes the listener back to the good old days of HIM - the melancholy, Nordic sound of the millennium perfectly transported to the present - without losing sight of the independence of SORROWNIGHT. ‘Buried Forever’ will probably be one of the big-hitters for the live concerts - fast, straight and with a great chorus. You know the feeling when you hear an album and as soon as it’s over you want to play it again immediately? Well, this album does it for me. I experience a variety of feelings throughout the listen - everything from goose bumps to sadness to head-nodding is all there. It is very difficult to recommend specific songs from such an album, the album has almost no weak points, or places where it gets boring.

Now it’s almost time for this completely self-produced work of SORROWNIGHT to see the light of day and for the fans to enjoy many great concert evenings ahead. An exact date is not yet fixed, but a release is planned in the spring of 2019.


01. Frozen Veins (Intro)
02. A Story Of A Forlorn Love
03. Darkest Dawn
04. Unveil
05. Sapphire Eyes
06. Echo Melancholia
07. Buried Forever
08. Diamond Shadows
09. In Your Arms
10. Paralyzed
11. Abstract Beauty
12. Solstice (Outro)


Christine Shadow - Keys
Veri Jumala - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Lichtbringer - Leadguitar
Lex Pain - Drums
The Witcher - Bass


Cover Picture

sorrownight unknownpresence


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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