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floriangrey46Hangar 49, Berlin, Germany
14th December 2017
Florian Grey - The Acoustic Shows 2017 - Support: Sorrownight

The charismatic, exceptional singer FLORIAN GREY invites to his small tour “The Acoustic Shows 2017” to Berlin. Supporting act are the gothic rockers of SORROWNIGHT from Erfurt. Both artists are still either working on or just finished new material and so it is a nice change for them to finally be back on tour. The cosy and comfortably furnished club Hangar 49 is the perfect setting for this beautiful event.


SORROWNIGHT is a Gothic Rock band from Erfurt. The musicians are in the process of completing their debut album which should be out in 2018. Their only release so far is the EP ‘Hellish Sacrifice’ which was released in spring 2016. At the end of 2016, Christine Shadow (keyboards) completed the band. And since this year, there is a new drummer, Lex Pain, who should bring a unique new dynamic in the sound.


Music & Performance
For the acoustic show, SORROWNIGHT featured Veri Jumala (vocals / guitar) and Christine Shadow (vocals / keyboards). Christine has been a member of SORROWNIGHT for just over a year and has played several acoustic concerts with the band. The duo harmonized perfectly this evening. As usual at acoustic concerts, both were seated for the show. SORROWNIGHT played the pieces from their EP, such as the catchy ‘Silenced By The Gods’ or ‘Lady Moon’. As a surprise there was also something to hear from the hopefully soon to be released first album. Although Veri creates the songs acoustically, it rarely happens that songs are first presented in the acoustic version before they were even released in the original version. The new songs really make you want the album. It will be interesting to see how these versions sound as Gothic Rock songs.


A highlight of the set was the wonderful HIM cover version ‘For You’ which immediately evoked memories of the ongoing “Farewell Tour” of the Finnish music heroes. A great concert, a satisfied audience, what more could you want. The band has what it takes to occupy an important place in the Gothic Rock scene. Good luck!

01. Intro
02. Painted Soul
03. Silenced By The Gods
04. Diamond Shadows
05. Unveil
06. Lady Moon
07. Abstract Beauty
08. For You (HIM Cover)
09. Her World
10. Waterfalls Of Light
11. Bleeding For You
12. Outro

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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Florian Grey

FLORIAN GREY has been able to prove in numerous acoustic performances in the past just how well Dark Pop works as acoustically. One of the highlights was certainly his special guest appearance during the LORD OF THE LOST “A Night To Remember” acoustic tour in 2015.

Music & Performance
This was the third out of four acoustic concerts of the “The Acoustic Shows 2017” tour. Berlin welcomes FLORIAN GREY with warm applause. Contributing to Florian's live performances are Von Marengo (guitar), Yannik Rage Bockelmann (guitar) and Simon Zlotos (piano). The stage was discreetly lit and matched the atmosphere perfectly to an acoustic concert. Only a few candles were missing due to the pre-Christmas period.


FLORIAN GREY, like SORROWNIGHT, is also in the middle of the work for his new album. Unlike the support act he didn't play new songs tonight though - keeping the anticipation on the new songs and the album. So he presented a lot of the songs from the album ‘Gone’ instead. The songs that are now well-known in the scene causing goose bumps for the fans due to Florian's extraordinary voice. This voice is somehow made for acoustic concerts. The highlights of the evening were probably the song ‘Frozen Heart Philosophy’, already known by Florian's former band EVES END, and the song ‘Laudanum’. Hard to beat emotionally, especially in acoustic version, are the quiet songs ‘The End’ and ‘The Way I die’. As always, the set of FLORIAN GREY was not missing a cover version.


Once more, time flew by and a beautiful, unforgotten concert evening was over. Let's hope that Florian will soon release the new album and go on tour again. One can never get enough of that! Overall, an unforgettable evening.

01. In Control
02. Strange Ways
03. A Black Symphony
04. The End
05. My Fear
06. Frozen Heart Philosophy
07. Laudanum
08. When Mermaids Cry (Eagle Eye Cherry Cover)
09. Gone
10. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover, shortened)
11. The Way I Die

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Marko Jakob

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