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turbokill viceworld
Artist: Turbokill
Title: Vice World
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Label: Steamhammer

Album Review

Like the Phoenix out of the ashes, former ALPHA TIGER singer Stephan Dietrich emerges anew with a new kick-ass band called TURBOKILL! I had the pleasure to see him life with his former band and man this is a performer to reckon with and I am happy he is back and brings a very talented lot with him. The self-titled EP that came out in 2018 was deemed worthy by the German Heavy Metal press and I can only agree with this country’s print media elite, TURBOKILL really kick serious ass, modern yet true to the almost religious faith we Metal heads share around the globe. Almost every song is up-tempo and sometimes the sound is bordering on old-school Speed Metal, yet the whole material is highly melodic and virtuosic played.

Dietrich’s voice is powerful as ever if not better than the last time I heard him. One of the things I detect listening is that Nafta is a beast of a drummer, it is an understatement that the guitars rule and to be honest I struggle to hear the bass but I have to admit that I barely ever discover a bass line (maybe my fault, I got tinnitus for over 23 years). Now and then I get a QUEENSRYCHE feeling because of the vocals but in my book that is a good thing, no matter what people say about Geoff Tate he is a vocal demi-god. I can remember quite vividly that I saw Dietrich at the Rockhard Festival with his former bandmates from ALPHA TIGER, it was the second time I saw them though I really can’t remember at which club and with what bands I saw them first I think it was at the Matrix in Bochum but I am unsure who headlined the gig...

Back to the review! I, once again see a bright future for a young band and this time it is TURBOKILL, the only criticism I have to offer is a creative one: please hit the brakes every now and then I really want to hear this voice on a power ballad.


01. The Grand Delusion
02. Vice World
03. War Thunder
04. Pulse Of The Swarm
05. Global Monkey Show
06. Sail With Pirates
07. Turbokill
08. Kill The Lie
09. Don’t Deal With The Devil
10. Track N’ Spy
11. End Of Days
12. Fortress Of The Universe


Stephan Dietrich - Vocals
Ronny Schuster - Rhythm guitar
Daniel Kanzler - Lead guitar
Marco “Fox” Grünwald - Bass
Philipp “Nafta” Dießl - Drums

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turbokill viceworld


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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