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recklesslove by MunichVampire01Backstage Club, Munich, Germany
14th September 2022
Reckless Love - “Merry Metal Madness” Tour 2022 - Support: Supernova Plasmajets

It’s been years since RECKLESS LOVE played live in Munich and when the band finally scheduled a tour, the pandemic smashed all the bands plans. Early in 2022 the band released their new album ‘Turborider’ via AFM records and played several festivals before hitting the road to play all over Europe.

Supernova Plasmajets

SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS are a German Glam-Rock band from Germany. The band released a few albums so far and played several gigs and festivals this year.

Music & Performance
When I arrived at BACKSTAGE well before the scheduled start, the band was already on stage, warming up the crowd. Unfortunately they used plenty of fog and a pink and turquoise light setup, so there was no chance for high quality pictures. Why fog is blown from upstairs down into the pit remains a miracle to me. The band played a solid gig, interacting with the people in the crowd and managed to heat the already hot and airless venue up to the max.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 3
Sound: 8
Total: 6.8 / 10

Reckless Love

RECKLES LOVE were founded as a Sleaze band back in 2001 and shifted their style towards Glam Rock over the years, the band’s first three albums got them gold in their home country Finland. The band took a break that lasted a few years, to come back on stage stronger than ever with their new album ‘Turborider’.

recklesslove by MunichVampire22

Music & Performance
When I left BACKSTAGE CLUB that night I thought “It would have been a perfect gig, if the damn fog-machine would have been left in the storage.” RECKLESS LOVE hit the stage around 21:00 and just in time the fog machine I already knew from the support started blowing fog down on the stage and the crowd from upstairs. I had a f**** word on my mind, because in all the fog it became clear that there would be no good conditions for taking pictures tonight. I turned my focus on the band and the performance and the band killed it from the first tune. Dressed mainly in pastel coloured clothes and jackets, the band started the gig with the title track from their new album ‘Turborider’ followed by ‘Outrun’. Claiming that it was quite hot in the club, Olli got rid of his jacket followed his bandmates to reveal cut down shirts, revealing plenty of tattoos in Olli’s case.

recklesslove by MunichVampire07

The show continued with ‘Monster’ from their album ‘Invader’ and I was glad that the 80s synths backing tracks the band used during the gig was not in office now. ‘Back to Paradise’, a fan favourite track from their first album ‘Reckless Love’, brought back the band’s true Rock spirit and the pit downstairs was a good party. Olli made a few announcements during the show, thanking the fans for holding on to the tickets and thanking Backstage Club for keeping the faith and pushing forward during the lockdowns. The band’s cover ‘Bark At The Moon’ (OZZY OSBOURNE) followed suit, the fans in Munich taking over the chorus. The cover is a solid one, still a bit more Glam and RECKLESS LOVE attitude would have served them well. When Olli introduced the next song, he told us that the guys who formed the band back in time also were ‘Kids Of The Arcade’ and unfortunately the 80’s backing synthies from the tape were back. ‘Loaded’ is a track I didn’t find on my RECKLESS LOVE records, but the live version of this song brings back the vibe from the band’s earlier days, amazing guitar riffing, high energetic level and melodic vocals.

recklesslove by MunichVampire10

Tonight, Jalle Verne on bass somehow reminded me a bit of Sami Yaffa wearing this hat and this “I love my job” attitude and with Pepe on guitar, this band really needs no backing synthies from tape. His intro ‘Prelude - Flight of the Cobra’ is the ultimate killer. Olli once more delivered perfect vocals true to the tone and he’s the perfect frontman for a Rock band. Knowing him from several gigs of the LOCAL BAND I know his abilities to steer a crowd and to heat them up to the max. and I was glad that he still does these DAVID LEE ROTH style kicks. ‘Edge Of Your Dreams’ from their album ‘Spirits’ followed another announcement and the second single from their current album ‘Eyes Of A Maniac’ followed suit. This 80’s style song has a very catchy chorus and you’ll find yourself humming along, listening to it, if you want it or not. During the last block of songs, Olli once more addressed the fans thanking them for buying their music and merchandise and for believing in the band. He explained that there were times when he thought that RECKLESS LOVE was dead, but that they found the strength to go on and make their dream come true with the support of the fans.

recklesslove by MunichVampire17

He also thanked the BACKSTAGE team and the band’s crew, who got a loud cheering from the audience. ‘Prodigal Sons’ once more brought the 80s Synth vibe and saw people dance, ‘Badass’ a fan favourite track from the band first album followed suit and for ‘On The Radio’ the band switched of the recorded keyboards and Synthies and shook the walls of Backstage especially Hessu Max on drums seemed to enjoy his spot on stage and the view of the partying crowd. RECKLESS LOVE left the stage under a big applause and Munich started demanding the encore immediately. Backstage’s security used the opportunity to remind some obviously drunk guys in the pit to mind their manners, and many in the crowd glared at the guys. Due to the opening of the doors some of the fog vanished and so I hoped for a few pictures with better lights. Th encore started with ‘Animal Attraction’ and afterwards Olli addressed the afore mentioned guys in the crowd to mind their manners and asked them not to wreck this great evening for other people. Thanks, Olli, for this announcement that seemed to get those guys back to the ground of reality for a while.

recklesslove by MunichVampire21

Then RECKLESS LOVE started to set ‘Night on Fire’ with plenty of guitar riffing, the crowd singing loud and punching the air. Backstage Club can be tricky coming to the sound if crowded and I must say, that the band’s sound engineer did a perfect job. A well-known face from Helsinki stood behind the panels and gave us the perfect sound. A word on the crew as well, I saw many gigs, but a tech who solves drum problems and a guitar issue so fast is hard to find. The heat in the club often causes technical problems for bands, but they had rarely been solved so fast. The band kicked out the crowd with ‘Hot’ from their album ‘Animal Attraction’ and finally Olli did, what many girls in the crowd were waiting for, his shirt flew to the edge of stage and revealed a perfectly trained set of abs. Pepe gave us some energetic good mood guitar riffing while drums and bass pushed the fans towards the finale furioso. It was as mentioned afore a perfect gig coming to music and performance, if they had left the fog machine in the case it would have been a perfect night all-over.

recklesslove by MunichVampire25

RECKLESS LOVE continue touring all over Europe, make sure that you get a ticket for a perfect 80s Rock party night.

01. Turborider
02. Outrun
03. Monster
04. Back to Paradise
05. Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
06. Kids of the Arcade
07. Loaded
08. Prelude (Flight of the Cobra)
09. Like a Cobra
10. Edge of Our Dreams
11. Eyes of a Maniac
12. Prodigal Sons
13. Badass
14. On the Radio
15. Animal Attraction
16. Night on Fire
17. Hot

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 6
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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All Pictures by Munich Vampire

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