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Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17 December 2007
Therion, The Vision Bleak

Early on this freezing Monday evening the Melkweg was full of metal fans. First The Vision Bleak and then Therion. Sirenia would have been there as well, but due to the departure of their singer this was cancelled. It was a special show for Therion because they were celebrating their 20th anniversary.

The Vision Bleak

I was hoping for a more extensive show of The Vision Bleak, since one of the opening acts had cancelled. I was thoroughly disappointed because after only thirty minutes (of which I had missed the first 15 while standing in line to drop of my coat) The Vision Bleak left the stage.

Music & performance
I saw and heard 2 songs of their performance. 'Kutulu' from the Carpatia album was the first. This is a good song to awaken the audience because it is great to shout along to. Konstanz and Schwadorf both wore white jackets and the rest of the band was dressed in shirts of the band. They had little room for behind them there was a large screen hiding the rest of the stage on which Therion's equipment had been put already.  Even though they had little time they were giving their all, full power and full of energy and the audience was theirs. The final song of their set was 'By Our Brotherhood With Seth' of their latest album The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey. Disappointed that the show was so short but happy to hear them live again I saw them leave the stage.

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 6
Total 7 (7,3)


For a Monday it was quite busy in the Melkweg. Therion has some faithful fans. They have earned them by entertaining for over 20 years now. Starting with Paroxysmal Holocaust their demo cassette in 1998 and they have now released their Gothic Kaballa album in 2007.

I don't believe I have ever seen a band perform this long. At the start of the show we were told that we had to prepare for three hours of Therion. The three voices of their vocalists provide a wide variety of musical possibilities. We were presented with a mixture of their past 2 decades of musical development. As a special treat and after many requests they played 'Lemuria' for us in an acoustic setting. It was a very warm version of the song. You could see and hear that the band was enjoying it as well. After a short intermission they played the full 'Theli' album for us. The intro was enough to get the entire audience screaming again.

The stage looked fantastic with a huge backdrop which made it appear as if we were in a church. On the windows of the church the numbers 1987 and 2007 were printed.  On the right side of the stage there was an actual organ with candles. At the front of the stage there were two small platforms and when the show started 2 dancers came on to them. These girls wore huge animal heads and stood still for about 5 songs. After that that they 'dance' a little at times and even put Snowy in a medieval torture trap. The three singers gave each other space to sing, sometimes retreating to the back of the stage or even by going off the stage. It was great to see the band having so much fun and the fans going out of their minds about the entire show. Definitely a night to remember for both band and audience.

01. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
02. Son of the Sun
04. Asgard
05. Wine Of Aluqah
06. Wisdom and the cage
07. Kali Yuga Part 1-3
08. Lemuria
09. Via Nocturna
10. An arrow from the sun
11. Typhon
12. Ginnungagap
--- Break ---
13. Preludium (intro)
14. To Mega Therion
15. Cults Of The Shadow
16. In The Desert Of Set
17. Interludium
18. Nightside Of Eden
19. Opus Eclipse
20. Invocation Of Naamah
21. The Siren Of The Woods
22. Grand Finale / Postludium
23. Adulruna Rediviva
24. Summernight City


Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 7
Total 8 (7,6)

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