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Title: Phantom Pain
Artist: Skorbut
Genre: Dark Electro
Release Date: 17th April 2009
Label: Sonic-X / Danse Macabre

Album Review

Overwhelmed by the reactions this song caused the German electro trio SKORBUT decided to release ‘Phantom Pain’, a song intended to be first heard on the 4th album they’re still working on, as an EP and appetizer and it’s surely a good club tune they’ve created. Pummelling beats, tearing bass lines and a dark, distorted chant; everything’s in for the regular club goer. Nothing really innovative but solid fodder! The EP is complemented by a bunch of remixes of the title track, the first one being crafted by NOVASTORM builds up just as much pressure as the original does but Is not adding anything new to the song itself. My favourite remix of ‘Phantom Pain’ comes from the Belarusian act FABIOUS CORBUS ACT lending it one a little more noisy and frisky beat section. Another remix was generated by a project named TITANS taking away almost every distortion and add cleaner beat and a few hymnal strings.

DJ’s will be pleased to have another collection of club tracks in their repertoire that will most likely fill the dark dance temples with dance addicts. Guess that’s the main task of the release anyway and it’ll work out very well in that context.


01. Phantom Pain (Single Version) - 5:05
02. Phantom Pain (Remix by Novastorm) - 4:52
03. Phantom Pain (Remix by Fabious Corpus Act) - 4:35
04. Phantom Pain (Remix by Kaos-Frequenz) - 5:09
05. Phantom Pain (Remix by Titans) - 4:20
06. Phantom Pain (Remix by Yade) - 4:19


Daniel Gada
Jörg Hüttner
Armin Küster aka Boris Black

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Music: 6
Sound: 5
Extras: -
Total: 5.5 / 10


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