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Jules Näveri (vocals) of Profane Omen.

PROFANE OMEN is that a demon just waiting for the precise time and moment to strike its prey? Sounds like the right description to me... But it's sort of right but has a added section to it. Making it a little bit more intense and evil. PROFANE OMEN happens to be the band name of Finland's metal rock’n’rolling musical sensation that is blasting more guitar riffs and drumming tempo skills imaginable. Vocalist Jules Näveri discusses with me the band's formation along with the chit-chat of their latest instalment ‘Inherit the Void’.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Why the name PROFANE OMEN, what does it symbolize and what's its hidden meaning?
Jules Näveri (Jules): The name came from our former guitarist Mr. Janne Tolonen. He was the founder of the band and he thought that a heavy metal band needs to have a name that is evil and has a sinister touch. We laughed and laughed but in the end we kept the name, it's been around since 1999. Though Tolonen left the band in 2001. We decided to keep the name because we already had some "name" in the Finnish underground metal scene.

RoD: ‘Inherit the Void’ is your second LP is it completely different from your first accomplishment?
Jules: It differs in many points but it's still easily recognizable as us. The song structures and composing elements are more mature than in the earlier releases. Earlier we focused on giving everything straight in the face but now we wanted to make more layers to the songs so it's much more rewarding to find the hidden stuff. This keeps the album fresh; it always gives you something new after every listening.

RoD: Your latest music video for ‘Left to Disintegrate’ captures the concert side of PROFANE OMEN, what was it like working with Toni Salminen?
Jules: We've known Toni for few years now and he is a very talented photographer and he's been doing also more and more filming nowadays. We wanted to have a simple video, us playing in front of the audience. All of the material that's in the video is taken from our live shows we did during spring 2009. Toni had a film crew on every show and the video is edited from those shows. Toni is a pal so everything worked out like a charm. He has many sides; usually he's the one who is driving us from venue to venue as our bus driver. The man is gifted.

RoD: When will be seeing you guys out on the road and coming to the U.S.?
Jules: When we get our distribution going on in the U.S. it's time to discuss about the possible options for playing there. Now it seems that the record business is in deep shit so it's not easy for small bands like us getting a decent distribution deal. But we're working on it and hopefully this time will come someday.

RoD: You’re based out of Finland; a lot of well known bands have erupted from that region, any ones you'd like to recommend?
Jules: From young bands I'd like to recommend Random Mullet, Ghoul Patrol, Carry The Black Cross, No Sign Of Life, Embreach, Cut To Fit and The Undivine. These are all unsigned bands. I think the bands that are the most interesting from Finland right now come from underground. Other than these bands I'd like to recommend OUR BAND!

RoD: If you could switch lives with someone for 24 hours, who/why?
Jules: I'd like to switch lives with the CSI-Miami cop-character Horatio. He's such a surrealistic character and makes good fun. He always ends up saving the day and putting the criminals who are characters usually always as assholes behind the bars. In his overdramatic persona he is super cool.

RoD: Is there a message your music is trying to send out when people witness your performance or listens to your records?
Jules: We're trying to avoid singing about nonsense so we always want to express more with our music than just the music. The latest album is loosely a thematic one and one of the key points to the album is to find out what the meaning of 'void' means to you in your life. In our lives we found stuff that was given to us while we were being raised, in contradictory with the values that we keep important such as solidarity among human beings and constantly developing you to be a better person. With false values that lead you nowhere you will create a void. And this void will be the centre of your desires and dreams. We think the void will eventually lead you to ruin because everything you ever wanted is being measured through the void and not really by yourself. With the new album we're trying to say what the void is and how you can avoid it.

RoD: PROFANE OMEN, what omen is hidden inside of you?
Jules: An unholy one, hehe! Some kind of evil spirit that has a really bad breath.

RoD: How would you describe your band's music in three words?
Jules: Heavy-Groovy-Relentless.

RoD: What song would be playing in your version of heaven and hell?
Jules: In musician's heaven they probably kick out the jams with a heaven house band including Layne Staley, Cliff Burton, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Dimebag Darrel playing Kiss' God Of Thunder. In musician's hell there's New Kids on the Block sucking Maurice Starr's cock while singing "Step By Step".

RoD: What is your favourite PROFANE OMEN song?
Jules: There's too many to mention but right now it's probably ‘Information’. It's a song that has a wonderful arrangement and it's heavy as hell.

RoD: Describe a PROFANE OMEN show for those who have not witnessed you guys.
Jules: It's an adrenaline boost. You can almost slice a piece out of the energy burst that's going on stage, it's very intense, a very purifying experience. I recommend!

RoD: Easter is upon us doing anything?
Jules: Easter was a blast! We played a show with Amorphis, Diablo and Callisto in Tampere and it just rocked. So it was a nice Mount of Olives A-GO-GO!

RoD: Since your music reflects that dark atmosphere does the name Vampires come about at all?
Jules: Vampires, they suck?

RoD: Anything else you'd like to add?
Jules: Make sure you check out our new album, it's called INHERIT THE VOID and you can order your copy from, worldwide delivery! Come check us out if you're in Finland during summer:
06.06.2009 Tampere, Sauna Open Air Metal Festival /
07.06.2009 Espoo, Kivenlahtirock /
27.06.2009 Helsinki, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival /
10.07.2009 Rovaniemi, Simerock /
25.07.2009 Oulu, Qstock /
31.07.2009 Kuopio, Kuopiorock /
01.08.2009 Tammela, TLY Open Air /
07.08.2009 Mikkeli, Jurassicrock /
08.08.2009 Lammi, Pellavarock /
15.08.2009 Pori, Finnhits Metal Fest / / /


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