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Band name:  Rammstein
Title:  Rosenrot
Genre:  Industrial Metal / Rock
Release date:  2005-10-28
Record company/label:  Universal Music


Only one year and a month after their fourth release “Reise, Reise” Rammstein already finished the next album called “Rosenrot”.  The reason why there´s only such a short period of time between the two releases is quite simple. All songs  (except for “Stirb nicht vor mir”) were already written during the sessions of  the “Reise, Reise” recording. But why have Rammstein made such an unusual step?  Guitarist Paul Landers stated on that every piece of the song material was so good that they decided to put it on a new record. First of all Rammstein even wanted to call the album “Reise, Reise 2” which finally was replaced by the title “Rosenrot”.  Well let´s see if it´s right what he claims.


Richard Kruspe - Guitar
Paul Landers - Guitar
Till Lindemann - Vocals
Flake Lorenz - Keyboards
Oliver Riedel - Bass
Christoph Schneider - Drums


Song review

1. Benzin – 3:46
The album starts with a promising track title. Perhaps that´s why Benzin is the first single release of “Rosenrot”. The song starts with simple acoustic guitar tunes and subtile keyboard work in the background that build up quite a lot of tension and soon find their counterpart in a heavy and as well simple riff. Pounding drums round up the track. On the first impression the lyrics appear not that sophisticated but they hold a nice possibility of an interpretation. Definitely Rammstein stuff!

2 .Mann gegen Mann – 3:51
Starting with a catchy bass line being complemented by a quite similar guitar this track comes with cleaner vocals. It is much softer than the opener but still has some groove and heaviness and provides a nice chorus. It´s a nice rock song nothing more.

3. Rosenrot – 3:55
As its predecessor Rosenrot begins with a dark bass line but unfortunately it is much slower and appears more ballad-like. I say unfortunately because the song line lacks the emotion that is transported by the lyrics which are inspired by the german poem “Heidenröslein”. The only strength here are the quite unique samples. But they are only a detail.

4. Spring – 5:25
My ears were initially pleased when I heared the nasty and heavy riff but it soon moves over to the background which is really a pity. Again the song is too slow, too simple, too unspectacular.  Nevertheless the song line offers enough variety to make the song somewhat worth listening.

5 .Wo bist du – 3:56
Another calm and slow track. This one´s about a lost love and somehow Lindemann managed to make his voice sound more emotional than usual. The song is quite homogeneous, able to build up some amount of tension due to the reprise at the end of the track.

6. Stirb nicht vor mir – 4:06
I got surprised when I heard the acoustic guitar initialising this ballad. Quite unusual for a band like Rammstein And I say ballad without rejection. Compared to “Rosenrot” this track is much more stirring and emotional - thanks to the vocals of  Sharleen Spiteri.

7. Zerstören – 5:29
This one has much more groove. The riff is driving, the drums are pounding, Till´s vocals are nasty and the “arabic” samples round the whole up. In my opinion this song is even better than “Benzin” although it isn´t that heavy and pounding but the listener is able to recognize that “Zerstören” is based on much more work of composing than most of the other tracks.

8. Hilf mir – 4:44
Lets have a little overview. We heard two songs that managed to transport the feeling Rammstein stands for. If you haven´t recognized them, let me name them. I speak of  “Benzin” and “Zerstören”. And we heard five relatively slow tracks that indeed had heavy elements which sadly get replaced soon by much softer and slower parts. “Hilf mir” completely fits in this scheme. Starting with a pushing riff it soon gets replaced by a calmer passage only to be continued afterwards. Well, this song has its strong moments but on the whole it can´t impress me.

9. Te Quiero Puta! – 3:56
I had to smile when I heard “Te Quieto Puta” for the first time. Imagine a mexican gaucho trotting on his hack through a small village under the heat of the sun. Soon he hears some trumpets and a stomping drum work. What might that be? Well, I can tell you. It´s Rammstein shredding their guitars to the rhythm of a hot spanish lady´s heart beat. The spanish vocals may be somewhat irritating but for me this song has much more potential than its comrades.

10. Feuer und Wasser – 5:13
Amused and somewhat enlivened again I get disappointed. “Feuer und Wasser” starts with a clean guitar play, calm vocals and an electronic beat. What comes next is a boring riff and uninspired drumming. The lyrcis try to be insinuating but they are not. I don´t want to say anything more about this song.

11. Ein Lied – 3:44
The last track is as well a calm and slow one and seems to be an ode to their fans. There is absolutely no distorted guitar and no variety. Anyway it is a rational choice for the end due to its calmness.

Cover Picture

Technical Summary

Total playing time :  48:00
Total songs :  11


I like variety and I appreciate it when a band develops in whatever direction their members think of. But what Rammstein deliver here is too much. The songs mostly lack everything Rammstein stands for. The songs are just too slow, too soft and too simple. Of course Rammstein always lived through simplicity, particularly regarding their riffs, but this trademark took a back seat. Everyone who expects the heaviness and straight-forward feeling of former releases will be disappointed. People might say that it is legitimate to wind down and to record a more emotional and calm album. But the sound of the band just isn´t made for transporting emotions or at least Rammstein´s way of making and writing music isn´t sophisticated enough yet in order to perform such songs. And that´s why I say this is the worst Rammstein album so far. But well, with “Rosenrot” Rammstein have fulfilled their five records contract … It strikes me that this (and the continuing hype for straight and somewhat darker rock music in Germany) was one of the main motives to release this album.


Music 6
Sound 8
Extra’s -
Total   7

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