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Title: Volume
Artist: Plutonium Orange
Genre: Alternative, Progressive Rock
Release Date: 11th November 2009
Label: Firebox Records

Album Review

PLUTONIUM ORANGE was formed in 2000 in Finland and during the first five years of the existence, the band made several demos. Besides a couple of its songs were featured in compilation CDs. This year, the musicians signed to Firebox Records and could record the demo album called ‘Volume’.

The first thing about this release that immediately alerts is the cover of the CD: very bright even acid orange colour simply can’t be associated with the style the formation is supposed to play namely stoner metal. It’s hard to understand where the tag “stoner” came from as in fact PLUTONIUM ORANGE makes something much closer to alternative rock that becomes obvious after listening to the first two tracks. The album actually contains 9 rather even compositions not too powerful or impressive I’m afraid. The music here is a way too unvaried and gradually it starts irritating you. Of course the sound itself is very qualitative and well-done but where are the tunes able to arouse at least any strong emotion or meaningful lyrics?

I tried to find all those on the CD but most of time it was useless nevertheless there are two songs that can be marked out as interesting and neat pieces. ‘Bring out Your Dead’ pleases with its melody and lyrics after dejection and boredom caused by the previous tracks. And I must admit that even the singer’s voice starts harmonizing with the music and finally everything is in place. ‘Unstable/Unreal’, the last song on the album, is maybe the best one but it doesn’t save the day unfortunately.

Well ‘Volume’ turned out to be rather flat yet. It’s the debut work for PLUTONIUM ORANGE so the band definitely can make something much more interesting and original next time.


01. One of Us – 3:51
02. Killer by the Road – 5:06
03. Bend – 4:33
04. The Glow – 3:52
05. Waiting for the Gun – 4:04
06. Wet Trails – 4:35
07. Bring out Your Dead – 4:23
08. 13 Minutes of Agony – 4:19
09. Unstable/Unreal – 3:56


Samuli Liekkinen – Vocals, Guitars
Juha Raivio – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pasi Pasanen – Drums
Antti Sjöblom – Bass


Cover Picture


Music: 5
Sound: 5
Extras: -
Total: 5 / 10


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