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Title: Whispers of the Dead
Artist: Stigmatized
Genre: Death Metal / Trash Metal
Release Date: 26th March 2010
Label: Yonah Records

Album Review

“…O worms! Black friends, who cannot hear or see,
A free and joyous corpse behold in me!
You philosophic souls, corruption-bred,
Plough through my ruins! Eat your merry way!
And if there are yet further torments, say,
For this old soulless corpse among the dead.”
(Charles Beaudelaire, Transl.: Roy Campbell)

The third album of this ambitious band from a small town in Germany proofs, that Death and Trash Metal has got a “new” alliance of heroes! Perfect sound engineering by Jörg Uken in the Soundlodge Studios and a lot of tracks full of anger, rage and grudge - that’s what I call a quite good combination. Their predecessors ‘Live in Despair’ and ‘Becoming Unique’ set the bar high with regards to the expectations of a successful third album. No doubt, that the pressure of being measured by these masterpieces was extremely high. I have to say, these guys can be fearless what future may bring…

Diversified voice-parts between grunts and growls, shouting and singing à la KREATOR; TANKARD or SLAYER (I’d prefer the grunts and growls - really awesome and seldom heard with this perfection) plus Trash riffing paired with really atmospheric and awesome lead guitar parts present a fistful of hate to the listener. After three years of song writing and simply bringing their skills to perfection STIGMATIZED are back - more alive than ever! Almost 50 minutes of smashing their audience from song to song with barely a chance to breath then storm’s over… and leaves one with in despair. Thank God, there’s a “Repeat” Button!


01. The fall
02. Love and blood
03. Whispers of the dead
04. Time bomb
05. Impulse
06. Disturbance of equilibrium
07. Carved in bone
08. The addicted Of Night


Michael - Vocals
Ralf - Guitar
Martin - Guitar
Thorsten - Bass
Christian - Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10


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