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Title: The Teeth of Tomorrow
Artist: The Silence Industry
Genre: Gothic / Psychedelic
Release Date: 17th May 2010
Label: AFMusic

Album Review

The number of outstanding artists just giving away their music under the creative commons licence these days is becoming staggering. THE SILENCE INDUSTRY from Canada are another of these remarkable yet non-commercially driven bands that would rather make great music and leave the record industry to people who’d sell their souls. Their latest EP comes on the back of AFMusic’s re-release of their back catalogue and their Gothic / Psychedelic sound is truly something to behold. Sounding like a cross between Joy Division / New Order, The Cure and Tones on Tail, their echoing vocals and sweeping guitars accompanied by atmospheric synths carry you off into another world.

The album’s title track ‘The Teeth of Tomorrow’ opens the track listing with what is a very fine slice gothic rock with sweeping guitars and a groovy rhythm that would make for a great club hit. ‘Together (Perfect Isolation)’ has a Joy Division via Love and Rockets feel with its reverb-saturated atmosphere and driving bass line -  the vocals get a little lost in the mix sometimes but it doesn’t distract from the song’s ghostly charms. ‘Ruins of the City’ is a heavier, dirtier sounding track - still echoing with ethereal feedback but a lot more aggressive in its approach. ‘Kissing Clouds’ overflows with luscious guitar and synth work while the hypnotic vocals twist through them to make a cinematic sounding sound. The final track ‘The Colour of Heaven (All My Love)’ is an altogether more Gothic affair with its understated bass line and organ sounds - it’s 9 minute run time seems to float by on a wave of psychedelic ambience.

These are five very fine tracks that I hope the band do try to push onto the club and internet radio DJs as it would be a damn shame if a release like this was to become a footnote. The mix on some of the songs does seem to lose track of the vocals in a few songs. But on the whole it doesn’t really matter as the vocals have the same sweeping quality as the guitars which make them feel like another instrument. A great effort!


01. The Teeth of Tomorrow
02. Together (Perfect Isolation)
03. Ruins of the City
04. Kissing Clouds
05. The Colour of Heaven (All My Love)


Graham J.


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Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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