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Title: Von A bis B
Artist: Sondaschule
Genre:  Ska Punk
Release Date: 28th May 2010
Label: BMG (Rough Trade)

Album Review

It's kind of a rare event when you get to review the album of a band, hailing from exactly the city where you're coming from, and it's getting even rarer if you learn they were founded in the same district. The band started in 1999 and already with their first album released played a mammoth tour, containing 200 concerts. 'Von A bis B' is the fourth album of the big band called SONDASCHULE

'Von A bis B' is opened with 'Herbert Halt's Maul' (Shut Up Herbert) which is actually more punk than Ska, and has an endlessly driving pace. 'Kleine Pillen' on the other hand plays a bit with Jazz and Blues elements, only to break out into high-speed thumping afterwards. They say that the band is creating one hell of a mood on their concerts and with the following 'Lied für Mich' (Song for Me), they're going to add another song to turn the arena into a boiling pot of rioting fans. 'Strand im Ruhrgebiet' sees a guy always taking a trunk full of sand from the beach with him when he visits Germany's neighbour country, so the Ruhr area one day will have a bigger one. Kind of a romantic pulse goes through the song, possibly symbolizing the band's close ties to their home. Frankly, 'Tanz!' sounds flat to me and is good for nothing except having a few happy minutes spent with dancing. 'Bis einer heult' propels an aggressive spirit through the harder riffs, while the last album song 'Alkoholsucht (Morricone Version)' is a country-inspired piece with lyrics about a "special" cowboy.

' Von A bis B' is a standard Ska Punk record without any big surprises hidden in its depths. Well, not quite there are a few elements that add a fresh wind, but it's nothing that would keep this album interesting long enough for me.


01. Herbert halt's Maul - 3:15
02. Kleine Pillen - 3:31
03. Lied für mich - 3:57
04. Strand im Ruhrgebiet - 3:01
05. Nie mehr teilen - 3:43
06. Nur weil ich dich mag - 3:55
07. Hängematte - 3:05
08. Tanz! - 3:51
09. Costa liebt dich - 3:42
10. Da hilft dir auch kein traurig - 3:39
11. Bis einer heult - 3:19
12. Alkoholsucht (Morricone Version) - 3:48


Tim Kleinrensing
Mirko Klautmann
Tobias Rauch
Simon Roesler
Christopher Altmann
Daniel Junker
Michael Spaet
Andreas Kiwitt

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Music: 5
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6 / 10


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