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Artist: Painful Existence
Title: Dead Lies
Genre: Melodic Metal
Release Date: 1st January 2011
Label: Unsigned

Album Review

PAINFUL EXISTENCE was formed in early 2006 by Eric (guitar) and Susi (vocals) after they played together in a Punk-Rock cover band where they had met and come from Freiberg, Saxony, Germany. After years of having difficulties with different band members once and then, they finally started to produce their debut album in 2010. The whole album was recorded and produced by the band's guitarist Eric all by himself. And it was released at the 1st January 2011 as a free download for everyone. Not only the band, but their fans and future fans can be really satisfied with what came out.

It can be heard that PAINFUL EXISTENCE have more than just straight metal influences, seeing that there are some electronic parts on their debut album. For example, the first track ‘Open Doors’ has such an electronic beginning. In my opinion this song is somewhat "growing", seeing it becomes really strong and powerful with Susi's voice and Marc's growling and screaming, just like the second song ‘Dreadful Silence’. Of course you should not forget the guitar and drum parts, too which are also really impressive as this band is still a young one. With ‘Rain’ I think they have a really deep song with intense lyrics which I adore quiet a lot. After two other forceful songs called ‘World Of Hate’ and ‘Take What’s Left’ there is one of my favourite songs of the whole album. It is called "Painful Existence" and it's totally showing off how much power and potential PAINFUL EXISTENCE have. I really like the way how those two voices sound together and a really sharp guitar can be heard as well.

Following closely is the track ‘N3xt Gen. Defender’ which is the album's only instrumental part. After listening several time to ‘Behind You’ again and again I finally somewhat warmed up to this song. The lyrics itself are really meaningful and after some listening I can now hear the beauty in this song. Next comes my favourite song all over called ‘Beautiful Pain’. When I heard it for the first time I could immediately feel the emotions behind it. I totally appreciate how strong Susi's voice sounds here and Marc's part in this song increases the effective even more. To make this song complete there is a guitar solo that is totally blowing away everything. It's almost as if the guitar wanted to sing, too. The album's end is another very intense and thoughtful song called ‘Nothing Special’.

In my eyes this debut album is very well done, because it shows off how much power PAINFUL EXISTENCE have and when you listen to it, you can really feel how much they want to make music together and that they enjoy working together. What I regard really highly is that their lyrics aren't just some "flat texts" and that there are some true feelings behind it which can be heard in the whole album. Another great fact is that they managed the production and stuff that comes along with this all by themselves. I think this young band could gain some attention as they have such a big amount of potential and a lot of respect for their work, which they truly deserve and I wish them all the best in the future.

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01. Open Doors
02. Dreadful Silence
03. Rain
04. World Of Hate
05. Take What’s Left
06. Painful Existence
07. N3xt Gen. Defender
08. Behind You
09. Beautiful Pain
10. Nothing Special
11. -


Eric - Guitar
Susi - Vocals
Marc – Vocals
Marcus - Guitar
David - Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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