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Artist: Twin Atlantic
Title: Free
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 29th April 2011
Label: Redbull Records

Album Review

TWIN ATLANTIC got together in 2007, composed of members being active in other projects before until they joined forces. Their debut EP and the following single were all released in 2008. They could already land support slots with BIFFY CLYRO, supported the SAMSHING PUMPKINS on personal invitation and played lots of festivals. In-between they found the time to record the debut ‘Vivarium’, released in late 2009.In the meantime they’ve been touring quite a lot and recording the follow-up ‘Free’ out on Friday.

The brooding energy of the ominous riff introducing album opener ‘Edit Me’ foretells a swirl of drums in fast forward momentum and soaring riffs with McTrusty’s accentuating vocals adding the extra bit of colour. ‘Time For You To Stand Up’ turns out to be a real stomping anthem to rock out at a summer festival to. The pace, the chorus it’s all there. ‘Yes I Was Drunk’ eventually turns down the tempo a little bit more and relies heavily on McTrusty’s vocal power which comes off awesome on this track and did I mention how I love that Scottish accent. Much more bands should be singing in their native tongue as GLASVEGAS are doing it also for instance. ‘Dreamember’ opens with a couple spherical riffs before getting displaced by a toe-tapping beat and a variety of playful riffing. Despite its power the song at various points is coming off rather placid regarding moods.

With the track ‘Crash Land’ the band’s treating us to a genuine singer/songwriter song full of acoustic flourishes subtle drums and strings while ‘Make A Beast Of Myself’ at once nails the gas pedal to the floor and then dwells on melancholy moods. ‘Serious Underground Dance Vibes’ is the sole instrumental track on ‘Free’ and evolves from quite a mellow offering to a distorted rock-inflicted monster of a track. We’re going to close this one up with m absolute favourite of the album ‘Wonder Sleeps Here’, a wonderfully moody and beautifully orchestrated example of a song that gives me goose bumps every time.

What’s to say in the end about ‘Free’ is firstly that these guys are delivering an exciting rock mix on their sophomore with a lot of little details that make exploring it worthwhile and I dare saying it once more I admire the Scottish accent in the vocals. So while not being a totally new approach to music, but let’s be honest who has such thing these days, you should be giving this one a good listen as it stands out of the mass of alternative bands these days.


01. Edit me - 2:53
02. Time for you to stand up - 3:02
03. Apocalyptic Renegade - 3:13
04. Yes, I was drunk - 4:26
05. Dreamember - 3:28
06. Free - 3:27
07. Crash Land - 3:57
08. Make a Beast of myself - 3:27
09. The Ghost of Eddie - 3:16
10. Serious Underground Dance Vibes - 3:52
11. Eight Days - 3:29
12. Wonder Sleeps Here - 4:00
13. We want better, Man - 3:58


Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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