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Artist: Supreme Pain
Title: Divine Incarnation
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

SUPREME PAIN unleash yet another death metal album - this will have been their fourth offering so far. For those unfamiliar with this group, expect a mix in sound between VOMITORY (vocals) and BELPHEGOR (sound). The album opens with the brief ‘Dawn Of A New Area’ which thunders in with a brooding drum bit and then lets the guitars chug along- melodically. Don’t expect too many slow or rhythmic songs on this album, though. Others like ‘The Dark Army’ just blast along with furious drumming and seamless guitar riffs connecting together along the lines of some of the heavier work from INCANTATION. The vocals are deep and guttural, but clear enough to be understood (they aren’t just a blur along the lines of some Grindcore groups that use deeper vocals like CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN). The guitar solos are highly melodic though, and help retain some of the rhythm in between the heavier sections. The BELPHEGOR influence can be seen in tracks like ‘Spiritual Sickness’ which open up slow and heavy with a screeching solo and the same rhythmic drumming that was on the first track. The song does get heavier, but one can certainly tell that things slowed down a little bit with the repetitive chugging format that is granted. One might even say there is a bit of influence from U.S. death metallers, SUFFOCATION, here, especially when it comes to the vocals.

‘Putrefied Beauty’ tends to break the usual form a bit by having a solo closer to the beginning and then keeping this buzzing chug of a rhythm throughout, only to have it break with some sharper “squeaking” notes in between, like someone putting on their guitar brakes pretty hard. Eventually things smooth out for a pretty even sound to the end. ‘The Fallen Kingdom’ again reaches for the BELPHEGOR-esque riffs and clear drums that sound a bit HATE ETERNAL influenced in their clear, yet hollow pounding. There is a bit more melody involved with this one with how the music flows nicely together while still remaining brutal. The album finally closes on ‘Towards Hell’ which doesn’t seem to do anything much different from what fans have already heard before, but towards the end it fades into this eerie symphonic bit that adds heaps of atmosphere and does a great job at making the music all the more sinister and darkening. Overall the result is some satisfying and heavy death metal, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, that continues to just blow minds and ears for those who are already impressed with the band’s work. Those new to SUPREME PAIN won’t hear anything new as far as experiments in the death metal genre go, but ‘Divine Incarnation’ still blasphemes and crushes all who defy its power.


01. Dawn of a New Era - 1:26
02. The Dark Army - 3:59
03. Damned Creation - 5:36
04. Treasonous Disease - 5:47
05. Trapped in Heresy - 6:27
06. Spiritual Sickness - 4:27
07. Divine Incarnation - 4:47
08. Putrefied Beauty - 3:50
09. The Fallen Kingdom - 4:53
10. Towards Hell - 6:18


Alesa Sare - Bass
Paul Beltman - Drums
Bas Brussard - Guitars
Erwin Harreman - Guitars
Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals


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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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