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Artist: Seven Witches
Title: Call Upon The Wicked
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 3rd June 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

Four birds were sitting under the sun and they were knitting! This is not a Power Metal band this is a gathering of dudes suitable for comedy nights inside the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival of the Twilight Zone! It has everything and you don’t even have to pay for the ticket to get there. The parade of KING DIAMOND-like vocals, the SAVATAGE chariot, the Thrash and Death Metal extravagances, the more modern Heavy Metal fanfares and the classic guitars and Ave Marias (literally) are all there. Hell yeah! Add also the last bonus tracks, in which the drums sound like someone kicks a sofa and has a spoon inside a fry-pan and their live audience (there must be about 5 of which one is screaming like a maniac) and you have it all. The only thing we are missing is a lake to jump there and say goodbye to this cruel world.

Whatever good idea there exists in this album is methodically annihilated in this useless potpourri of sounds and influences. After 13 or so years the band still hasn’t the chemistry it needs. Jack Frost (ex SAVATAGE) as usual has the control of the SEVEN WITCHES and the results are disappointing. When one has only time to change the members of his band where to find the necessary time to work on other more fundamental and serious issues? The only matters of interest are the moments after these ridiculous Ave Marias in the ‘End of Days’, some others in ‘Ragnaröck’ and the cover of Eric Clapton’s ‘White Room’. I wanted to say something about the lyrics of the ‘Harlot of Troy’ but I hesitate; obviously these guys are educated-they have seen the movie. But overall, something tells me that in Salem, those lunatics persecuted the wrong witches. Alas, the history can’t be rewritten. And that saying of Marx (Karl not Groucho) about the repetition of history first as a tragedy and then as a farce finds here one of its finest representatives. It is the tragedy of a farce...


1. Fields Of Fire – 4.09
2. Lilith – 5.10
3. Call Upon The Wicked – 3.42
4. Ragnaröck – 3.46
5. End Of Days – 9.01
6. Mind Games – 3.26
7. Harlot Of Troy – 4.30
8. Eyes Of Flame –  4.24
9. White Room – 5.34
10. Metal Tyrant (Digipak bonus) – 5.01
11. Metal Asylum (Digipak bonus) – 3.44
12. Jacob (Digipak bonus) – 8.42


James Rivera – Vocals
Jack Frost – Guitars
Mike LePond – Bass
Taz Marazz – Drums


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Music: 3
Sound: 5
Total: 4 / 10

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