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sevenwitches rebirth
Artist: Seven Witches
Title: Rebirth
Genre: Progressive Rock/ Metal
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Label: FrostByte Media Inc.

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US power metal outfit SEVEN WITCHES is one of those bands that are more than ten years around and these guys know the ropes. The band around guitarist Jack Frost is around since 1998, that year also saw their first demo which won them their deal at Massacre Records. The combo managed to put out nine records in fifteen years which is pretty much in an industry that is used to get a new record per band every three to five years( GUNS `N` ROSES excluded) the band also saw a fair amount of member changes. Among the musicians who played in SEVEN WITCHES James Rivera is to be pointed out, this guy is being associated with bands like: HELSTAR, VICIOUS RUMORS, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and many more. New singer Anthony Cross has yet to convince fans and audiences

Conclusion: This album is in no way a bad record, no it`s totally favourable and nice but it`s not exciting at all, not a minute, not a bit. Maybe it`s because it`s not the Rivera fronted line-up I don’t know exactly what puts me off, maybe it`s just that I heard the same stuff a hundred times from 100 bands who all do it a little bit better. This band has to rope in and set a course. I was not in pain listening to this record but I am pleased to be done with it so don`t have to listen to it again.

Rating: 7 / 10

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