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silverdollar morte
Artist: Silverdollar
Title: Morte
Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
Release Date: 19th August 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

Swedish SILVERDOLLAR formed around 1996, their beginnings are laid in playing as a tribute band that turned into writing their own material from 2005 and it lead to the first LP ‘Evil Never Sleeps’. Now under the flag of a new label, they’re about to let out their sophomore effort ‘Morte’. The beginning of the album unfolds with a ‘Morte’ with a strong narrative sense, emotive feel, though epic there is something of a ballad here. Second, ‘CO2’, opens with an atmospheric piano driven intro underlined by an impassioned rhetoric, an epic start that bursts into equally epic guitar and after a modern touch a classic Power Metal. The traditional metal heads might not appreciate the intro so much, but if you’re more open to other music elements and fusion of music is not a blasphemy to you, it surely is a great touch that adds variety. Powerful starting songs!

SILVERDOLLAR obviously are one of the bands that realises the importance of the choice made for the opening of the album. When music is as widely available and there are so many bands out there as in present day, you have to grab the listener from the get go. Bands should not underestimate the short attention span and the limited resources of fans during these trying times of recession. Make the best of it immediately. This band has surely done that. ‘Raging Eyes’ just can’t stop reminding me of MÖTORHEAD‘s ‘Ace of Spades’ with its chorus, also showing that they can match the breakneck speed in the race of the bands as the song unfolds towards the end. ‘Rot’ was one of the songs where the band seemed to go on a more experimental limb, and from that aspect it’s definitely one of the most interesting songs of the album. ‘(Still a) Rocker’ is an example of a song I’ve enjoyed the most for the sheer fun of it, it’s got a wonderful rhythm to it, a song that sweeps one along.

You may not be excited by the fact that they’re not straying from the generic signatures of the genre and include only few modern touches. If enjoyment matters to you more than originality and innovation, then I recommend the listen certainly. If not, this is not for you.


01. Morte – 5.26
02. C02 – 7.30
03. Evil Never Sleeps – 4.50
04. Three Finger Man – 3.54
05. Damage Done – 3.54
06. Evil Good – 4.18
07. HF – 4.16
08. Hear Me – 4.19
09. Eternal Glory – 5.00
10. Raging Eyes – 3.15
11. Still a Rocker – 3.44
12. Rot – 3.50


Ola Berg – Guitar
Mats Hjerp – Drums
Fredrik Hall – Bass
Esa Englund – Vocals

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silverdollar morte


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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