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whispersofghosts simultaneoussilence
Artist: Whispers of Ghosts
Title: Simultaneous Silence
Genre: Ambient
Release Date: 9th September 2011
Label: Black Drone

Album Review

WHISPERS OF GHOSTS comes from Mexico. This EP constitutes two parts: ‘Simultaneous Silence’, which shows a neoclassical-ambient genre, it’s also a soundtrack to a short movie of the same name. ‘Forest Of Shadow’ is Darkwave and dark ambient and is a re-issue of WHISPERS OF GHOSTS’ rare demo. It’s cinematic in a sense of ‘Blade Runner’, you just can’t shake that feel of as you listen especially with and after ‘Culpa-Remordimiento-Expiación’, ‘Simultaneous Silence I’ is where you’ll hear the neoclassical influence the most. As a whole it fails to grab me fully, there is just something missing in the atmosphere - it’s just a thin mist where you expect to be engulfed in it.

However, the vocal “haunting” parts were good and lifted this indifference up. ‘The Coldest Place’ was the single’s best moment. It just had a right balance of creepiness and also it’s not as monotonous as the rest. Though, of course the monotony has a task here to introduce the ghostly limbo and a feeling of heaviness. It just feels lustre and lacking and doesn’t command much of listening interest apart from few more nuanced peaks. I can’t say I’d give it a miss, but I’d not bother with it again either. I don’t know what’s happened though because I’ve heard some better music from them, it just not to be found on this EP.


Simultaneous Silence
01. Silence Has No Place Here (3:14)
02. Dolls – Little Girls (1:13)
03. Simultaneous Silence I (2:34)
04. Culpa-Remordimiento-Expiación (6:23)
05. Simultaneous Silence II (3:09)
06. Back to Innocence (4:39)
07. The Coldest Place (6:54)

Forest Of Shadows
01. Cloudy Memory of Rain (8:06)
02. The Forest of Shadows (7:35)
03. All the Days Are Equal (7:41)
04. Smell of Death (7:59)


Gark Sidhe and two ghostly apparitions, names mysteriously shrouded...


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whispersofghosts simultaneoussilence


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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