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ultraarcanum thesilenceinside
Artist: Ultra Arcanum
Title: The Silence Inside
Genre: Synth Pop / New Wave
Release Date: 1st November 2016
Label: Nadanna

Album Review

‘The Silence Inside’ is the debut album from ULTRA ARCANUM, consisting of Mark Thirkell of London and Konstandinos Dorlis of Greece. The duo has been making together since late 2013, at which time Thirkell responded to an online ad from Dorlis requesting a vocalist. Dorlis was living in Birmingham at the time and Thirkell was in London, which led the two to make music remotely. For more information about the band, please see this informative interview:

Fast forward to November of 2016 and the duo have released their debut ‘The Silence Inside’, a delightful homage to vintage synth pop and new wave acts such as DURAN DURAN, JOY DIVISION and VISAGE, among others. All music on the album was written and arranged by Dorlis, with Thirkell providing the lyrics and vocals. The entire album was performed on a Roland JUNO-Gi, a workstation that can duplicate the rich analog sounds of vintage Roland equipment. In fact, no MIDI files were used in the recording process.

Clocking in at over 75 minutes, this release comes highly recommended for fans of Synth-pop and new wave. The thoughtful lyrics cover love and loss and other universal themes. Thirkell’s melancholy vocals are reminiscent of Edward Ka-Spel (LEGENDARY PINK DOTS) at times. It’s easy to get lost in this release, overall just a nice relaxing listen. The album is rounded out with four outstanding remixes, including one by Greek Italo disco act, and Nadanna label mate, 23RD UNDERPASS.


01. Twilight Shades
02. The Silence Inside
03. Strange Kinda Love
04. Another Time, Another Place
05. Two Hours Before Neptune
06. A Final Loss
07. Daydreamer
08. Moment In Time
09. Epilogue
10. Photophobia
11. Dreamscape
12. Twilight Shades (23rd Underpass Remix)
13. A Final Loss (The Silicon Scientist Remix)
14. Strange Kinda Love (Techniques Berlin Remix)
15. The Silence Inside (Epic Dreams Remix)


Mark Thirkell – Vocals
Konstandinos Dorlis – Keyboards

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ultraarcanum thesilenceinside


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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