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veritates killingtime
Artist: Veritates
Title: Killing Time
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 17th January 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Once again an output from Pure Steel Records. Once again I let the press text speak first and comment on it then: “VERITATES, a four-man band from Cologne and Loerrach, are dedicated to traditional Power Metal without any clichés and a decent thrash edge. Strongly influenced by ICED EARTH in the Matt Barlow era and early KAMELOT, the debut album ‘Killing Time’ offers just the right material for fans of the aforementioned target group.”

I am no expert concerning KAMELOT but I have a tattoo and thousands of memories to prove that I am in fact an expert concerning ICED EARTH and I have to state that I am not getting any ICED EARTH vibe from the band (no staccato riffing) or any likeness at all to Matt Barlow. The vocals are solid but they sound very Teutonic and remind me of bands like HELLOWEEN and sometimes GRAVEDIGGER in parts. Instrumentally everything is tightly arranged and pure joy for every Power Metal fan. My favourite is ‘The Wild Hunt’ with REINFORCER’s Logan Lexi on vocals.


01. The Past Is Dead
02. Killing Time
03. Jerusalem Syndrome
04. Awakening
05. Hangmen Also Die
06. The Wild Hunt
07. Discovery
08. Hasta La Muerte


Andreas von Lipinski - Vocals
Tom Winter - Rhythm guitars
Jörg Belstler - Bass
Marcus Kniep - Drums

Special Guests:
Solo Guitars: Andreas Doetsch (Wolfen) - The Past Is Dead, Jerusalem Syndrome
Solo Guitars: Mario Stracuzzi - Awakening
Solo Guitars: Andreas Lützelschwab - Hangmen Also Die, Discovery
Solo Guitars: Niclas Stappert (Reinforcer) - The Wild Hunt
Solo Guitars: Shasank Venkat (Against Evil) - Killing Time
Solo Guitars: V.O. Pulver (Gurd/Poltergeist) - Hasta La Muerte
Vocals: Logan Lexi (Reinforcer) - The Wild Hunt
Vocals: Andrè Grieder (Poltergeist) - Hasta La Muerte

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veritates killingtime


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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