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xentrix sevenwords
Artist: Xentrix
Title: Seven Words
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 11th November 2022
Label: Listenable Records

Album Review

If you dig Thrash and are in the know of UK bands that properly do the heavy stuff you probably are a fan of XENTRIX from Preston, Lancashire. The band was formed in 1988 and fascinatingly the roster changes were kept within normal limits despite being a band for over thirty years. ‘Seven Words’ is the band’s sixth full-length to date and the second release after a 23-year hiatus (it was an on and off thing for a few times). Musically XENTRIX play a rough-edged aggressive kind of old-school Thrash Metal, political and full of lyrical themes like societal problems. I always enjoy bands a lot that remain pissed and grounded like these gentlemen and it is a plus that Jay Walsh (vocals, guitars) sounds as raw and angry as he does while managing to riff like a damn boss.

He and Kristian Havard really lay down the thick and heavy riff barrage. The drums really expand on that while helping to pace and direct the leaden sound. The only let down is the bass which I can barely make out among the mix. This is due to my headphones being absolute shite or the bass often mimicking the riffs (‘Reckless With A Smile’ is an exception). The guitars are overall very dominant in the band’s sound, this is by no means a bad thing but it properly explains why the bass is barely audible (or it’s the headphones, aye I need new ones). Be it what it is, this is definitely one of the best thrash records of 2022 and I will die on that hill. So, what to say? Buy this and go see the blokes live before they disappear for another bunch of years.


01. Behind The Walls Of Treachery
02. Seven Words
03. Spit Coin
04. The Altar Of Nothing
05. Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead
06. Reckless With A Smile
07. Ghost Tape Number 10
08. My War
09. Kill And Protect
10. Anything But The Truth
11. Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper Cover)


Vocals, Guitar - Jay Walsh
Guitar - Kristian Havard
Bass - Chris Shires
Drums - Dennis Gasser

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xentrix sevenwords


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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