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Title: Noise Terror 2 - World Wide Electronics
Artist: Various Artists
Genre: Electro/Industrial
Release Date: 16th November 2007
Label: Noise Terror Productions


Noise Terror Productions is a sub-label of Dependent and was founded in late 2005, when the collaboration between SUICIDE COMMANDO and Dependent was extended. The label became a trademark for hard electronic music and signed such acts like FRACTURED or CONTROLLED COLLAPSE for example. The first NTP sampler was released in 2006 and included a varied mixture of newcomers and already established acts of the harsh electronic music. For the second one, the focus has been broadened and it features acts from Latvia, France and even from South Africa.

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Track Review

01. Rosewater: N.M.E. - 6:24
The first project on the list is from Latvia. A land I can’t remember to be famous for its electronic music. 'N.M.E. ' is a purely instrumental track but spiked with several voice samples. At the beginning there's some noise like from a radio which is not tuned correctly and a voice starts the countdown “5..4..3..2..1” then the first synths appear. The drum patterns sound simple at first listen but get more layered and diverse. Still they are highly danceable of course but beefed up with many noise sounds. Melodies are very rare on this track. Most of the time, it's only some synth chords that are played but later also some strings appear. They are hardly recognizable because of the dominating rhythms and noises, but hey are there.

02. Alien Vampires: Evil Generation - 4:54
From the beautiful city of Rome, the ALIEN VAMPIRES come to bless us with some harsh and danceable electronic tunes. The track starts right away with some noisy sounds and melodic textures and chorals that are slowly fading in. The beats starts immediately after the melodies reached their highest volume. After the beat has started, the melodies disappear and you hear only the pumping drum sounds and rhythmic patterns for a while. The highly distorted vocals sounding pretty evil and angry and are accentuated by some haunting synth sounds.

03. Noisuf-X: Fine Line (Fast Forward Mix) - 4:55
NOISUF-X is the side project of the well-known dark electro project X-FUSION. While X-FUSION focuses on the more melodic dark electro sound NOISUF-X goes in the opposite direction with more noisy and instrumental tunes. This track is an exclusive remix of a song included on the most recent album 'The Beauty of Destruction'. That track starts out with noises and some keyboard melodies in the background before the also danceable beat starts which is processed with distortion effects. In-between there's a part, where the beat suddenly stops to make way for a melodic interlude. Some time later, the rhythm returns to build up layer by layer before the beat finally starts again.

04. Chaoskult: Vengeance is mine - 4:50
The project CHAOSKULT from Norway was founded in early 2006 from two musicians coming from two totally different genres of music. CHAOSKULT are: [J] - vox, trickery, music and [V] - music, electronics. Rhythmic synths in combination with the vocals which are not that heavy processed and an indefinable sound in the back start the track. When the beat kicks in, some melodic synth layers appear as well. During the verses, the focus is mainly on the rhythm and the deep dark vocals, while the chorus is more melodic. The track also includes some tempo changes, what adds a little bit more diversion.

05. Ginger Snaps: Feel my Rhythm - 5:38
GINGER SNAPS is a project from the Ukraine. The name derives from a horror movie. With no introduction the beat starts. The effects on the vocals sound pretty cool to me, but the problem is that it is sometimes not possible to understand them. Dark ambient -like soundscapes accompany the vocals and add a creepy atmosphere to the track .In the further course of the some more layers and synths are added.

06. Straftanz: Burn down Heaven - 4:28
STRAFTANZ is the project of Krischan E. Wesenbarg who is also known as a member of ROTERSAND. With its first self-titled release, the project already filled the dance floors throughout the republic and this track will do the same I guess. Only a blowing wind is audible at the beginning but then it becomes clearer that it's rather a processed noise sample than wind and the beat starts. The beat patterns remind me a little bit of SUICIDE COMMANDO. The vocals are only lightly distorted and processed with some reverberation effects. I guess, the track will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

07. Controlled Collapse: Destiny (Slavestage RMX by Egoist) - 3:39
CONTROLLED COLLAPSE from Poland caught the attention of the fans of electronic music, when their track 'Inject' was released on the 'Septic VI' in 2006 and released their debut album 'Injection' in this year's March. The tracks starts rather minimal but develops to a really playful arrangement with lots of different sounds and changes of the drumming regardless of it's rather short playing time.

08. Suicide Commando: Hate me - 5:13
This is the first new track after the release of the album 'Bind, Torture, Kill' in 2006 and the anniversary box 'X20' in May and... It’s unquestionable SUICIDE COMMANDO. The beat will push you forward and make you sweat on the dance floor. Even though I recognize the well-known drum sounds there's yet some diversion it. The beats are alienated and plenty of noise on the track due to the extensive use of that kind of sounds, mostly in the chorus .Even if it's not groundbreaking it's nevertheless a solid and well produced club track.

09. Asphyxia: Sense of Decay - 5:59
ASPHYXIA is the project of Romain Florentz from France and was born in March 2005 after some industrial / electronic tests on music software. 'Sense of Decay' starts very calm with a very gentle piano melody. After a while atmospheric strings appear and intensify the atmosphere a lot. The piano melody suddenly disappears and the strings dominate for a while before new elements appear layer by layer before the beat starts and you finally are able to dance. The processing done on the vocals makes it hard to understand the words. It sounds like an evil whispering from hell. A very atmospheric track and one of my favourites.

10. Kombat Unit: We are Machines - 5:22
KOMBAT UNIT is collaboration between Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando) and Jan L. (X-Fusion) founded in early May 2007 and that collaboration worked out very well in my humble opinion. 'We are Machines' is a neat club tracks with fresh sounds. Don't expect it to sound like SUICIDE COMMANDO. Johan's vocals on the track are distinctive of course and give it a little bit of the SUICIDE COMMANDO feeling. Also remarkable is the very decent drum programming that sounds very organic sometimes. I'm curious what we can expect next from this project.

11. Winter Soul: Reactor - 6:58
South Africa recently appeared on the map of electronic music fans when a track of ACRETONGUE was released on the Septic compilation. WINTER SOUL goes into a totally different direction. It is dark, harsh and angry. You just hear some different distorted songs and a storm wind that is coming up when the track begins. The wind gets stronger and stronger and nearly blows you away. An organ like sound wafts through the wind to your ears. The atmosphere gets creepier and then the first synth appears. A massive beat starts and after a short break, hell seems to break loose. Inhuman distorted vocals melodic synth and atmospheric textures are combined to a great Industrial stomper. I have to listen to this song over and over again, because I love the atmosphere of this track.

12. Reaxion Guerrilla: Sacrifice (Remixed by X-Fusion) - 5:01
In 2005 Exsubte decided to re-invent the project and he started to work on new tracks together with the musician Zero bits. One of the results is this track included as a remix version. Straight and highly danceable beats are combined with harsh and distorted vocals. Will surely fill the dance floors and make the people sweat. It's not my cup of tea but that is as always a matter of the personal taste.

13. Grendel: Judged Ones (Fractured RMX) - 4:13
The Dutch project GRENDEL is around for quite a long time now and the most recent album 'Harsh Generation' became very successful. 'Judges Ones' was taken from that album, but it has nothing in common with the original version of the track. FRACTURED do their name justice and destroyed the complete arrangement to rise a new one from its ashes. To be honest, this is a complete new song. The vocals are the only thing left untouched. Glitches were integrated as well as an insane drum programming. Responsible for the atmosphere are strings and piano sounds.

14. Sadiztik Injektion: Realize the Suicide - 5:42
This project is from a country where I never expected music like that: From Turkey. As far as I know it's the only project of that kind in this country. It was formed in 2006 by Samet Özgür, who is now looking for a label to release his first full-length album 'Beta Version World'. A variety of samples always accompanied by synths serves as some kind of intro. This track is harsh and fast EBM of the purest kind, paired with aggressive distorted vocals noisy beat patterns and even some synth layers which appear from time to time but never get that dominant.

15. Fix8:Sed8 : Minotaurus (Man vs Animal RMX by Cold Drive) - 5:59
Fix8:Sed8 is the project of Martin Sane who started experimenting with electronic music in 2003, before he had worked with acoustic instruments for years. The first album is called 'Humanophobia' and was released in 2006. A new album is planned for a release in 2008. If I compare this remix to the original version, and then I recognize only minor changes. The beat base has been replaced and a few new distortion effects were added, but the mighty string arrangements and chorals are the same as on the original track.

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8


At first I was a little bit sceptical of what to expect from that compilation because I’m usually not a fan of this music, but I discovered some new music on it and those tracks like ''Reactor' from WINTER SOUL, a project that was completely unknown to me before are now on heavy rotation and I guess that's what a compilation is about. To discover some new music and even get some rare or new material from bands you already know and like. You never like all of the tracks on a compilation. It has always something to do with the personal taste. I also was surprised about the variety of countries the different projects are from. Latvia, South Africa and even a project from Turkey are featured on this release. There's only one thing left to say: Everyone who likes the harder side of electronic music should risk an ear hear and maybe you will also discover something new.


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