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Annabella (vocals) of Vanity Ink

Annabella is the singer in the Finnish band VANITY INK. In the end of September, the new VANITY INK album ‘More Senseless Random Behavior’ is being released. In the course of the release we had the chance for a small interview with the band’s singer.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): How would you like to introduce your band for those who have not heard about it before?
Annabella: Tight... someone said that VANITY INK's specialized in having fun, that's probably true!

RoD: How did you come up with the name VANITY INK is there a story behind it?
Annabella: I wasn't in the band when the guys came up with the name... but I guess it's got something to do with the tattoos. :)

RoD: Are there any bands that have inspired your creative work and style?
Annabella: I personally love Peer Günt, Smack, Hassisen Kone and Sielun Veljet - those are Finnish bands. And I also have to mention the old Finnish punk. Oh yeah!

RoD: What or whom inspires you when you write the lyrics/music? Do you need to be on a special mood to create / write?
Annabella: If necessary I can "put on" the mood but usually it comes naturally when I and the boys go somewhere where we can take it easy and have a few beers. We need a place where no one can disturb us.

RoD: Do you write mostly to express your feelings or are there other reasons?
Annabella: Of course I mainly write about my own life and feelings, but I cannot, or I don't even want to save the world, it's more important to have fun and feel good!

RoD: What drives you and makes you keep working with music?
Annabella: To put it in a cliché way: I just love, love, love music! And to be able to work with the people I love, i.e. the Inkers.

RoD: What can you tell me about your latest record, ‘More Senseless Random Behavior’?
Annabella: Well, not that much... :) You should go and listen to it and maybe then YOU have something to say. [Comment: we already did of course, read our review]

RoD: What has been the major source of inspiration?
Annabella: When the rest of your life is pretty fucked up, you have to make music that makes you feel good. :)

RoD: Which song moves you most?
Annabella: ‘Rock And Roll’; it's different than the others, great groove and so much fun to do live! And ‘Oh Sue’ is the greatest song ever!! It's not basically "a hit" but every time we play it, we - and usually you too - lose control! Turn off your brain and just gogogogogogogo!!! :)

RoD: Are there any songs on the record which are favourites right now, a song you really look forward to do live?
Annabella: Read the previous answer… :)

RoD: What is on your mind when you enter the stage?
Annabella: "Did someone bring me enough water there? Is there beer for me?" You have to have a lot to drink 'cause our shows are so intense and physical.

RoD: What are the positive and negative things with touring?
Annabella: Basically everything's positive; you just get on the bus and you don't have to think or worry about anything! The negative side is the waiting when the schedule goes wrong for some reason.

RoD: How do you warm up before a show?
Annabella: I don't. :) I just sit and wait 'til someone puts a mic in my hand and tells me to GO.

RoD: When did your love for music start?
Annabella: I was maybe 3 or 4 yrs old... my dad used to play Finnish pop songs on the radio all the time. Then a bit later I listened to my sisters' punk rock tapes. They lost interested in music but I'm still on that way.

RoD: What is music to you? What does music mean to you?
Annabella: If there was no music, there would be no Annabella.

RoD: When you listen to music what is the most important thing for you? I mean do you listen and read the lyrics or do you just enjoy the music and take it all in at once?
Annabella: It's the FEELING, you have to have SOUL and HEART in that, and I’m not into any technical stuff. The important thing is also the rhythm... and the voice of a singer and the way she/he uses her/his voice. And when you add good lyrics on top of that... voila! :)

RoD: When you're not touring or working with music, how does a perfect day off look like for you?
Annabella: Just chill and take it easy. Maybe take a walk or go running in the woods. Empty my mind and think about nothing. :)

RoD: If the band ended up on a deserted island, who would make it through and stay alive the longest and why?
Annabella: Hahahah! :) I think it's Jussi. He's the youngest and he's so athlete. Just take a look at his muscles! And he's not a drunk like the rest of us! I also could say Sam but he's not young and certainly not athlete! :) I and Miki would be SO gone right away and I believe Juha would follow us pretty soon. He follows us in all the stupid things we do.

RoD: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
Annabella: Thank you! Hope to see you somewhere on the road!


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