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yellowcard5Tochka Club, Moscow, Russia
24th February 2011
Yellowcard, Plyaj

I used to listen to YELLOWCARD about 7 years ago and at that time badly wanted to see their live performance. The chance occurred only on the 24th of February this year and I didn’t even think that after such a long period of time my music preferences might change a bit. So that day Tochka was overcrowded and it was hard to imagine how so many people could have enough room for themselves in the club. But fans continue to arrive during not only the warm-up which was just a formality but also the set of YELLOWCARD.


The opening act turned to be Russian band PLYAJ (beach) that could be credited for their performance and the energy mostly created by the drum beats. Unfortunately, the quality of the sound left much to be desired and the drums drowned almost completely the guitars and the vocals. However the audience seemed to fully enjoy the set even though most of them came to see the other band. Some of the people sang along with PLYAJ’s vocalist and everyone screamed, jumped whatever. The songs were simple even too simple and flat reminding me of German pop rock formation KILLERPILZE. The first set was too long but finally PLYAJ left the stage while the crowd calmed down yet it was just that calm before the storm which burst out when YELLOWCARD appeared.



American pop punk band YELLOWCARD went through ups and downs but became quite well-known all over the world and still holds its ground. Recently it has released the new album entitled ‘When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes’ and continues the tour. YELLOWCARD is Ryan Key (vocals, guitar), Sean Mackin (violin, backing vocals), Ryan Mendez (guitar), Sean O’Donnel (bass), Longineu W. Parsons III (drums). /


Music & Performance
Listening to the band’s songs before the concert, I thought the concert would be really great and impressive yet it was something different. The musicians turned to be real professionals and played their gig very qualitatively, even mechanically: one track followed another almost without pauses so YELLOWCARD managed too performed all the hits from different albums and didn’t forget the new composition entitled ‘For You and Your Denial’ that was met with enthusiasm by the fans. Actually the audience definitely consisted of the most devoted fans so I preferred to make off and observed the show at a safe distance. That show was made not only by the band but also by the crowd that began raving after the first sounds of the intro and didn’t want to calm even after the event: the atmosphere became heated, some fans constantly tried to clamber on the stage and even the guitar strings didn’t stand the tension and the vocalist’s guitar lost two of them.


The stage was too small even for the musicians but during ‘Way Away’ several girls dressed as cheerleaders joined the band. Well, on one hand it was unexpected and that’s interesting, on the other hand that gathering onstage looked rather funny, ostentatious because everyone had to restrict their moves. Of course, judging objectively the concert was good but such music mostly suits the taste of teenagers. Yet the violin gives it some originality but unfortunately it wasn’t heard during the performance. So for me that event became a waste of time. Fortunately the main set and the encore flew by but many fans waited for the musicians in the street and I guess it wasn’t in vain.


01. The Takedown
02. Fighting
03. Shrink the World
04. Way Away
05. Breathing
06. Life of a Salesman
07. Rough Landing, Holly
08. Five Becomes Four
09. Only One
10. For You and Your Denial
11. Gifts and Curses
12. Believe
13. Lights and Sounds
14. Empty Apartment (Acoustic)
15. Light up the Sky
16. Ocean Avenue

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sounds: 7
Light: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


All pics by Nataly Night

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