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snakebite19Jam Club, Koblenz, Germany & Café de Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
18th & 19th November 2016

The snakes were on the loose! After doing an amazing job as support for THUNDERMOTHER on November 16th in Frankfurt with the audience being 100% positive about them and an unplanned off day afterwards caused by spontaneous cancelling of the gig in Darmstadt with NIGHT LASER, the four boys of SNAKEBITE went full throttle for the remaining two shows of the first part of their winter tour. On November 18th and 19th in Koblenz and Geleen they demonstrated clearly that true Rock’n’Roll isn’t dead - two great concerts whose atmosphere didn’t suffer from the rather small number of guests at all, but left the audience sweating and wanting more. As usual, as I can say from personal experience, vibes 10/10!

If you missed this musical force of nature, you still got a chance to catch the band on the second part of the tour - just check the dates here or on! And now please enjoy our pictures from the concert!

  • snakebite01
  • snakebite02
  • snakebite03
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  • snakebite06
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  • snakebite08
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All pictures by Sandra Bentz

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