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Amy MacdonaldColosseum Theater, Essen, Germany
1st April 2019
Amy Macdonald + Special Guest: Rosborough

AMY MACDONALD is a real live sensation, the Scotsman already proved that during an acoustic session as part of the legendary WDR2 radio concert in Düsseldorf, a highly exclusive unplugged gig for which only 600 enviable and then blissful winners could win tickets. In November, the first best-of album, ‘Woman Of The World: The Best Of 2007 - 2018’, by the artist, which focuses on her big hits, was released. Above all, of course, ‘This Is The Life’, ‘Mr. Rock & Roll’ and ‘Do not Tell Me That’s It Over’.

Since starring in spotlight with ‘This Is The Life’ and the eponymous record in 2007, AMY MACDONALD has been a global star with over 13,000,000 records sold. Each of her albums has been awarded platinum multiple times. In total, more than 30 such awards are on her wall - and a number of gold records on top of that. With her last studio album, she finished smoothly in second place on the British and German album charts, in Switzerland, the Scotsman even landed in 1st place. The folky and easy light melodies together with the catchy lyrics that never lose touch with everyday reality are one of her secret recipes.

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This unaffected and open-minded art also distinguishes its great and unique live shows. The only 31-year-old still fills the halls and has proven at last year’s festival tour that she is a great singer and a fantastic songwriter who moves the hearts of her fans, especially in their live shows. Now, AMY MACDONALD is back again in 2019 and performs in exclusive concert halls, among other the Colosseum Theater in Essen. The tour is supported by Irish Rosborough.


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Amy Macdonald

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01. Woman of the World
02. Spark
03. Pride
04. The Rise & Fall
05. Never Too Late
06. Mr. Rock and Roll
07. Leap of Faith
08. Dream On
09. Don't Tell Me That It's Over
10. Give It All Up
11. Down by the Water
12. Automatic
13. Run
14. Prepare to Fall
15. This Is the Life
16. What Happiness Means to Me
17. Left That Body Long Ago
18. Life in a Beautiful Light
19. Poison Prince

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